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vinny and big tez
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everyone has a purpose

Well this wkend had seen me drive up too Kalgoorlie to see a old friend whom we have not seen each other for over 4.5 years. So off I was on friday on a 6hr drive to the red mineing captail of W.A. I was so excited to see Kelly.

Alot of things renforced my thought about everyone is put here on earth for a purpose some maybe longer than others. however who ever comes in and out of your're life is also part of their purpose.  Which Kelly and myself both said our paths were meant to be crossed again and it was like life 4 years ago was nothing and we had always been in contact. which is a sign of a true friend.  So the week end not not only spending time catch up but we also went on some adventures....

I picked up Andrew and Kelly from School and they showed me to their home and their most cutest dog called Kyro which is a white german sheppard. (magic looking), he may have nearly ended up in my car and I took him home with me heheh but it did nto happen. I meet some of their friends who have also just go back from crossing the nulla. which was great to just chill with some great friends and enjoy each othes company.

Sat morning saw kelly and I walking Kyro now I am also particapating in study at Curtin Uni in W.A on how active are office workers and their pattern of stillness (which work hours i am still a still) but wkends was actions packed. Then we cooked my fave POACHED EGGS, Hani style and went of a adventure around Kal, now those whom have not been out there is remind me of Alice springs and those who have not been to alice either should think about doing it. We went to see the superpit which is a 1km in the ground mine area for all to see.. AMAZING and these massive tyres which I struggled getting onto them as my jean a lil tight which restricts my legs making such large movement.. funny site of me it was..

Then we got a Chai each and wondered the streets and looked and very very nice dimonds and engagement rings. and No I am not, not telling u something, we just admiring the fine sparkle. Kel and I went and did some shopping and before u know it was beer o'clock, which I have found 5seeds (TED'n kS) cidar yum yum and sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying a cold fresh one and each others  compan, u could not ask for a better arvo. till night hit.........

Now it as getting on and we were all rocking and andrew kellys lover lover soon to be husband decided we were all going out... now this decisions to go out was about 11ish, so we got dressed and got a boogie on and hit up KAL TOWN........ oh wow !!! wat a fun funny night. you think being such a large mining town there would be some smoking hot lads........ boom boom!! WRONG!! not that I was wanting.. just to have a look and go YEAH BOI!!

Which saw us to the end of our night. some ppl were bit drunkypoo.... this morning was a day of madd bacon and eggs feeds, hot milo and before long time to farewell, now the a boring journey home is never on the cards in my world.

I was crusing along after I had my lil nap on the side of the road and pumping out the speed and next things lights and i was like oh nooooooooooo... BUT  they wanted to take my breath test. and i was like oh noooooo but some one was all clear and i even got to keep the blowly thing as a parting gift. I have now made it home and ready to start the week off.

Just getting back to everyone here has a purpose. we dont really stop and think about the purpose of ppl in ours lives. but its funny how some come n and out of yours live all the time, as that one person may just have a special gift in their personaliltly or body language to assist another as do they to others. But the best purpose people have in my life are the ones that does matter how long its been since we have seen each other or will always feel just like we only saw each other yesterday. this feeling is a special bond that not many people get to experince, however I am say that this trip I am learning who those ppl are and they are very dear to me and I was always be there for them no matter where I am.

So next time have a think about a past friends and see if u  can break down their purpose of them being in ur life at that time. and when u look back u can either understand or smile and go yes that it right. it may be a positive or negative however they all allows us to learn from the moment and better ourselves.

Perth Bound

Well I have been a bit lazy or have not kept up todate.

I have been in Perth for 3 weeks now and only 4 weeks to go. How time is flying by. The drive up to Perthwas a long one because someone got them selves vhery toasty the night before. But I finally made it there and the best thing was I had a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom which were seperate from each other. It was great.
On the sunday I went crusing around to find my way around and feel in love with perth. I have become quite settled at work and found the gym have gotten into a routine...

Perth should be put on the 2 list to see the great west of our magic country.