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vinny and big tez
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stuart Hwy!!!

Another great morning, sun is rising later but it was a day of pure Stuart Hwy and  the pure bliss of  NT...

Yes another early start as I am doing about 480km a day which doing 80okm/hr equal bloody long time driving. First Stop was Matarankka a little place just south of katherine with these magiacl tropical springs. in hte middle of the desert.
Someone told me that they dont think australia has the instance change of landscape... now this is one location that does exactly that leave the hwy drive 10km east and BOOM tropical hot springs.. just a nice way to cool down after rigging up the boys... but pretty sure there was soooo many km to still complete,

Next stop Daly water hotel.... WOW the coolest pub going, has so much charatcer the cards, and photos of tourists dropping in, just a tippcal aussie pub, just like in the movies... after walking around staring at the amazment of hte pub it was time again, Renner Springs is calling my name.

Drove through the down Elliot before hitting Renner SPrings, another great roadhouse with a bar, I thought I was the only one, but I pulled in and meet my neighbours ken and sobion and 2 men driving on their own. We all ended up at the bar havea few and then having dinner together, and getting kicked out at 11am.... It was just one of those great nights , where 5 strangers all come together and share their stories and adventures of life and travels, it ws just a great nite,


Today I set out to cross the boarder to NT....
I have left myself 7 days to drive 2700kms inorder to get to townsville in time for my flight to brisvegas... Push it just a tad,
But none the less I was off to get Katherine and as long as I got there in time for the league GF i didnt care.
So I was off and not long I was across the boarder and I passed a few signs within 100m of each other
1: Max speed limit in NT is 110km/hr
2. Speed limit 130km/hr
3. Speed cameras and red light cameras are used through NT (hello I am in hte middle of bum fuck, i have not seen traffic lights since perth maybe) Our taxes going to unneeed signs...

However all my memories came running back of how much I love the NT... before long i driving parrael with the victoria River ..... its was the most amazing thing, to my right was the dry desert looking place and on the left was this lush green river banks running deep water and the sourrounding were just incredible with the colours.....  It was like this most of my way to Katherine,
When i got to katherine I skimmed a few c.parks now do not stay at the Top tourists as the Admin lady needs to find some bloody manners and  maybe if a smile her sour face, I was sstraight back out the door and down the road all because of her attitude.. but I rocked up to dodgy looking c.park but  1. it only was $15bucks and 2. it was great. Rushed set up so I could get to the Golfy to hav some cidars and watcht the footy....

Wasnt this a experince... Having a few on my own started chatting to some fellas, and one omg was a not the ordinadary bloke... ask me to go see 'his mango orchards' and then say its not like wolfe creek "ALARM BELLS" get the hell away from me, and before that told me' how he would like to be in renner springs when looking blonde girl rocks up............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh run run nowww... lucky I had my other mate Marcas there, he was good chap living his dream worknig for nt gov as sport and rec, travelling around dealing with sport... love it...

Soon after gf was finished I waited and made sure Mango orchard man gone and I went back to the c.park before it was another big day.. RENNER SPRINGS

Lake Argyle

Well I was off and I could not pass the opporunity to head to lake argyle. Everyone I had talked to was its a must, even if its just for the pool...

I was like well i better go and check this pool out lol

When I got there it was a happen place... Lil store with fucel,cabins and the caravan parks, and OMG THE POOL..... it was one of those never ending pool just amazing, and it over looked the lake. so instead of 2 nights in katherine I have chosen to spend 2 nights at lake argyle and go on a sunset tour..

3 in the afternoon I was off on my tour with my fellow grey nomands, Now this is one place you must go and visits. I have place it on my lists of australia 7 wonders.. The amount of water, how far stretch it is the Fauna its just a amazaing, with the smoke around the sunset  it was just magical and erry as I dove into the fresh water sourrounded by 35000 freshies.... and not seeing the bottom the feel was bit scary, but I did it. there was this one lady who kept jumping in and then out and in and out.... So i started singing' Never smile at a crocidile, dont be taken in by his welcome grin' ahahahha that really did not make mattes better...

After our swim, the bubbles were pop and we were merry on our way back to camp, Which I went over and had dinner with some fellow nomads... and I have to say they were the most passionate CATS supporters ever... 

The next day saw me set off on a 5 km hike to the homestead, my gosh that was some hotness, 38 degrees @ 9 am in the morning.... whoooo get your water... Once I returned I was in the pool chillaxing before I went in and watch the Cats win the GF for 2012.... and this was a nite that I had another dinner date with Bill and Ally, and gotta say it was my fave dish of all...... Silver side and white sauce with vegies... whooooo yum yum.... Good meal for a early start to hit the road.

Lake arygle was great I caught up with people i started talking to ata free camp wayne and elaine and you just never know when we may cross paths again.......

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today was a day of Action packed Adventure around Kununara. as I said before the sunrises around 4.30, so I rise when the sun rises and I was up and at it.

I went for a mini hike to the Hidden Valley and the peacefulness and beauty of the colours are just amazing, then I was off to learn about Sandalwood (yuck) gotta say it was the most groses smell then I was off to Ivanhoe crossing not sure of its history there but still pretty cool and this guy caught a Massive barra. then I was like oh better get back its getting late... but it was only bloddy 10.30am in the morning and I have done sooooo much,  POOL had my name on it thats for sure.

Speaking of the caravan park, on my chillaxing day, a lady come up and started chatting, asking if I am ok and what I am doo all that jazz then we got more talking and found out she is a mother of a friend I went to skool with.... (SMLL world) crazy, As everyone convienced me to stay out at Lake Argyle tonite was my last nite in Kun so I went up to Kelly's Knob to watch the sunset.

I  totally can not get enough sunsets and sunrises they just make life feel a whole lot better, and for those who have not been in the outback the red vast ruggeredness and green lushness of the tropical parts is just the most spectaluar breath taking views.... just words can not decribe....

Could have been worse

A day of disaters..............

I woke up and went to step outside to find my RID lid melted and burned from the Mossie Coil....... had a bloody laugh and thought 'hannah u bloody dickhead' if that was a real flame pretty sure it would have gone BOOM!!! see u later everyone in the car park.....

After having a chuckle it was time to get the whip cracking and head off. Now I have been travelling for a while but I have not braved the Free Camps yet. I was told not to stay in Halls Creek (which i took advise and keep polding along) I stopped as a free camp near the bungle bungles and started chatting to a lady called Elaine (mind u i did not know her name till 5 days later) and and 1hr passed  but I pushed myself to get to Kunaunra which was hetic - neva neva do that one again in a day with Vinny....

Got to the park and there was sooo many men.... who gets all flustered and nervous and tired........ ME!!!
For the life of me I could not reverse Vinny into its spot and it was dark and the day from blowing up to something else was telling 'SLEEP HANNAH SLEEP' got Vinny set up, showered and laid my head and GONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE woke up the next day and was like wow that was great sleep.

The day was spent swimming by the pool and chillaxing nothing but......... as I was in Kununarra for 3 nights...

Boabs just need a Hug

Well today I set off on my way across the magical Kimberlys, to get to Fitzroy Crossing. The day started out fresh and you know it was going to be a hot of a day.
I love waking up and knowing I am on another adventure for the day, I totally been living each day as the sun rises,
Over the next 10dasy will be driving n more driving but I can still havea few days in a stationary spot. I am driving along at my 80km/hr with my mouth open staring from side to side of amazement of just how magical the kimberleys is. (just picture a clown from the show in my seat - winn lots of prizes off me lol)

However I got to Fitzroy Crossing and pulled up over the bridge at Fitzroy River Lodge - good spot set up and then was off on a small hike with 35degees heats (5km) bit hot but hte shower was well worth it and a cold drink.  So the sunrises in the Kimberelys at 4.30-5am which means early to bed and it was another big day ahead.
Had a chat to the neighbour Narelle and Graham, after having a chat and hearing their stories I had lit my mossie coil and decided I needed a stand so I used my Rid can and lid as the stand, went to bed and left it going thinking nothing of it............

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tears of the Moon

My time in Broome has been magical, there is something about the aura of the town. I have only been here 5 days but it feels like I have been here forever.

On my arrival to the caravan that I picked the lady was lovely, and  I just had that great feeling I am going to enjoy my time here in Broome. I started getting all unpacked and set everything up all the sides and it as time to relax, I cracked a nice cold cidar, (I was running low on my cidars) but I have not bought anymore as I am on a dry patch, if I am going through dry towns it will help me and I need to get rid of my Cidar Belly.

To me the days just seem to roll into one and I get lost in the moment, but the next day I was in need of some exercise as its been 10days with little activity so I have been doing morning walks and get the day cracking, come back have a dipp in de pool, breaky then head to the beach. So I just chilled all morning at the beach and then went to the 'Pearl Luggars tour' which was the great, I learnt about the history of pearl diving and their equipment, the stories, and even checked out some original equipment from in the hay day. I fell more in  love with pearls more than ever. I also needed a new book and got 'Tears of the Moon' By Di Morressy - Great book all finished could not put it down.

Well it was another early to bed and I had a big day I was going on Pear Tour at Willie Creek, and I learnt the process of how Pearling is done and again I fell in MORE LOVE with Pearls.... I even got to try on a $40000 pearl necklace it was magical, I'll take that thanks... One day I am going to buy a pearl necklace just like that the real deal, no fake one and Salt water ones at that tooo..... (DREAM DREAM DREAM)

After my Pearl tour I was bit tired, big day out on the farm lol... so I had to get some more sunbaking in and afternoon nap before it was time to get some dinner and go to the outdoor garden SUN CINEMA, I felt again in another world. The whole town makes u feel like ur in a movie and its going to get bomed and raided.. But sitting outside the movies, it was great, you saw the planes go over, bats fly around but the most magical part of the evening was the SHOOTING STAR, which I have never seen one fall for so long and soo bright it was just breath taking. I just love Broome.

Yesterday saw me chilling and catching up with friends from Alice which was great, again long time since seening each other.. then I headed home for another nana nap, getting used to them rather well. Which brings me to my final day in Broome... what was I to do.............

Well lil sleep in, walk, breaky, Beach to finish my book off and tan the rigg... getting brown for my challenge to Emma bahah (I got no chance). I headed to the port where all the boat come in with their pearls... lots of ppl fishing off there and one Dickhead (kinda hot) through his whole bloody reel over.. bhaaha rather funny.

Then I went and did a drive by at the Chinese and Japanese Cemerties. I couldn't bring my self to walk around them, but they still amazed me because of the history. But its funny because when u go to where your family is buried its hard and daunting, but going to a place which deemed as a attraction you just don't second question your emotions.. Weird I know , but think about it...

Well for the Love of Broome I am coming back to you........ I gotta say its one of the places thats got under my skin.... However until we meet again I am heading EAST BABY whooooooooooooooo

The Time has come to make that journey back east. it was not long ago I was crossing the Nulla and now hitting the Suvannah Way...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shark City

Well I didn't go far today, but was still a fair hike,
I made it to Eighty Mile Beach. Now this place has been on TV as top spots for fishing. Well you head off the highway west on 13km of Red Dirt road to get to the C.Park and when u make it in its the Paradise for Grey Nomads...

And I am not joking, its a bloody small community out their, soon centrelink will be remote servicing before too long. Some stay 3-4months over winter, they even have a war memorial which is very lush green area with a white picked fence. and they even have burger nite every wednesday... how cool.

So after I set up it was bloody hot and a much needed dip was on the cards, Well when I got to the beach the Colour was amazing soo different to the other beaches, but there was at least 40 men up the beach fishing and there probs much more than the eye can see, but I didn't want to swim where they were , bit of respect. but before too long one of the oldies, said they we shouldn't swim in their because all these blokes are trying to catch a shark...

I was out like a rocket... and didn't understand that how could it be, when it was sooo shallow, so that was me, I was  going to stay another nite, but if i cant swim then its over. However i did managed to get some awesome shells.

Now I really thoughts the blokes could have been  pulling ours leg, (so not to scare the fish away) well this morning I got up and went for a walk to give my legs a work out and i knew more shells would be up, but  saw the coolest things, lots of dead baby sharks, I mean they were sooo tiny u could cuddle it like a teddy, but they seagulls has already got to them, i did take a pic because they were sooo tiny, gross i know but sooo cool, i didn't think they were sooo little born.

After that I was convince they were not pulling my leg, but it was time for a another leg to Broome,
Now I am pretty sure that the whole of Australia will be blessed with my holy wee, and so is my legs, Now the pit toilets around the roads are disgusting so I jsut you know Squat, but I have to time my self so no other cars see me and the wind is windy so it splashes onto my legs, sooo hard sometimes. But today I was like right Quick do the dahs, but soon a car was coming I was quick finish wee hurry, but nope I had to holt and pretend I was looking at my Tyre Jumped into the car and GO GO GO!!!

Salt salt n more Salt

Well today was the day I kept heading nth to Port Hedland, to catch up with 2 girl friends from skool, Which has been a much over due catch up. Chelle and Shinee' n myself we meant to have dinner but as life takes us in different ways, chelle has to work nite shift, which meant I had lunch with chelle and a personal tour of Port Hedland and the what her role is and what the beautiful looking things are which are the salt fields and the ports... Chelle;s knowledge and passion for the town is awesome because i learnt so much. Even though it was short but sweet catch up but i had let her rest before the 12hr nighter...

then it was Shinee's turn, she got home and we  manage to go out for din din, and it was again non stop chatter all of us ladies needed to catch up on life and it was just like yesterday we had not seen each other. and I have said many many times before thats the best kind of friendship, no how far apart and long it some things just never change...
Shinee put me up for the nite which was awesome as well, played buzz with her brother as well, Man I suck at trivia need to start learning my shizz.... but it was good fun...

Before too long time had past and it was time to hit the road......

Sunday, September 18, 2011


get ya big toys, bank accounts full and welcome to Karratha, OMG as I was driving into the town and passing hte gass plants and mining roads my mouth was wide open with amazement and their lil accomodation.. then as I drove into town my mouth dropped even furher, Big boats, flash houses its was off the chain.
 I got the Karratha a day early to catch up with some old friends from Alice days, Katy and Tristan, but seemed to forgot we met in Alice and I was his wing  women in him getting together, But i quickly reminded him, But it was great to see them and I crashed their farewell party too which was fun filled full of shots
Starting the party off with Jelly Shots, and more jelly shots, Cow boys, Jelly Shots, Squashed frogs, Punch n lots of it, then a yager bomb... = I hit the wall and crashed n burned with my hangover not until last sat arvo...
I crashed at katy n tristan place as this was their final days in K-town before heading to hobart (Chilly dog) But it was sooo good to see them and catch up after 3 years. But it was their time to leave their house and I was off to find a caravan park that is a little in my price range.

I headed to Dampier and got a sweet lil place on the beach for 24 bucks a nite, compared to 45-50bucks its was gold. So I set up and have just chilled for the last few days, However I did go and see RED DOG.....  and went for a 1hr walk and 1kr bike ride, my ass is getting larger in size from all the driving and chillaxing I am doing.

So If u want to make some cash its Pilbara is the place to be, BOOMING BOOM BOOM!! money everywhere, but due to rental being so expenisve, all the shops and retailers have house to accomdate the staff which is pretty cool, just like my times on buller. But if ur in the mining game ur pretty sweet.
I just cant  get over the coin flying around up here. It is a pretty amazin place though, ruggered country meets the ocean, i really love our country.

So as wel know how bloody red n characol I got the other day... then next stage is hte itchyness of ur skin getting ready to peel, and I must say getting the itch in Kmart was not cool and I am sporting a thousands ant bites and look werid because my hand was up my dress having a real scratch (on the side of my legs not near my bum) But itchy mumma,

Well tomz sees me set on the road again, another 3days of driving to get to broomeoits, but before then Port hedland to catch up with some gurlies from skool.... lets the good times role...

Just like I think i said early in my trip, this  trip is all about reconnecting with friends from the past and re igniting the friendship and making new friends along the way..

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My time here in exmouth has been a fun filling interesting one.
As I arrived her in the late monday arvo as expressed my outrage of caravan prices...

Tuesday I was set to not do anything, but i was like a kid in a candy shop and could not sit still, so I went driving and found a beach for me, I only spent 3 hours there but holy redness.... I was in a world of pain... My ass and the back of my legs and inner thighs got the better of it.... OUCHY no sitting slept nakered because undies hurt the red. But I must say the water was sooo good, I saw some turtles its was pretty cool.

So Wednesday was the day of doing nothing because it hurt to much to move my body, so i started reading a book i bought in Freo.... sat under a shady tree and did not move, only when the sun was coming to get me.... But by the afternoon I was itchy feet again, so I got a some drinks, a snack pack of chips n dips and sat up at the lighthouse and watched the sun go down, it was amazing, so many whales splishing n splashing and as the sun went down I was just so blissgfully happy. i got home had a maddd nose bleed, I was waiting for them to come as the temp is dry heat and my nose loves it... (NOT).

 but early to bed as to I was off I ready to put my skin in the sun and go snorkling, but i knew the sun would heat up, so I was on the road half 7 and charging... forgeting where i was stopping I ended up at torquise Bay (MUST GO) i got there before anyone else was, went for a walk up and down the beach scoped it out then off i went into the water and saw some awesome fishys then i sat n chilled for a while before the crowd came, and it was action packed, but i went for another snorkle went out further this time some a baby shark... and heaps more fishy.. but before too long it was 12.30 and I had a 1hr drive ahead and the sun was burning me... burning...

Afternoon of chillaxing before the sun goes down and then its time to start packing up the rigs and get ready for a drive tomz..... not sure where I am stopping somewhere between here and Karratha

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a magical drive

Well today I was off to Coral Bay and OMG it is Heavan, its just soooo magical a  place to escape from... But along the way I did stop before i reached that place of magic, to have a cuppa tea, and I saw beastly emus on the road and mind u It did a massive poo poo on the road...

And I did hit the singing a little hard today, first I have fruit tingles as my mircophone before the tempation got the  better of me , and the sunscreen became my mircophone... singing to louder than the music so I could hear my own tone deaf voice.... yup yup...

Got to coral bay 'feel in love with the land even more' went for a lovely walk, then got my little snack pack and had my lunch on the beach with a few swimms before it was time to get to exmouth...

Another 155km or so and when I got into town it reminds me alot like Alice but with an surrounding it but OMG  people if u want to come the the west coast and experince GET A Bloody good paying job, u are looking at 45bucks a nite got e powered site thats for 1-2 ppl, and if u got kidds add 40bucks more... (BULLSHIT) disgust me in the way people go camping as its the 'cheaper option' not anymore ladies and gentlemen TOURSIM AUSTRALIA NEED TO WAKE UP - same price for 10days to thailand is the same price as 4 days camp style.... WTF....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Another massive day of driving in big tez n vinny in tow.... Man the sun had some bite in him, and I even put sunscreen on 3 times and I got sun stroke.... i was downing  the water n my face was red.. bring on the freckles... (NOT), but they are coming out in rage....

The best thing today besides our awesome counrty was my THERMOS.... omg I can't believe I have gone all this time with out one, i picked it up on Gero, and got it cranking today, I stopped has a snack bar and hot  myMilo.. sooo stoked...

Stopped a few time with Thermos, hehe

I think I was as bitch today... I was bliinking twice to let the car go pass, but it was a chick drive and then she just wouldnt pass, then finally she passed me and said thanks for the blinking, and I must have a blank face on my face she stopped talking to me... didnt mean too but oh well, this come to my next chick driver...
Now I know I am  a chick and driving, but it honestly comes down to bloody common 2nd chick right up my ass, so I blinked her as there was no cars, 3-400 m later she decides to go, with a corner and a car coming up.. (DICK HEAD) so I have to slam my breaks on and she didnt even put her foot down, sooo if I didnt brake OMG  who knows... and who cares if u go over the speed limit no one is going to get you as ur in the middle of bumfuck and I was only doing 85km so she would not even needed to speed to pass me... COMMON SENSE.

Well i did make it to Carnarvon, nothing to write home about i dont think, but at this point I was a charcol person in my car.. but i have made a flipped coin descion in my head, that I am gonig to Exmouth for 4 days, cheaper on c. parks and then I can sit n chill on the beach snorkling and tan that rig of mine,

So tomz its off to coral bay then exmouth...... with my THERMOS yeah BOI ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Day 2 got off onto a much better start, No Flat battery and the sky was clear the morning was fresh and I was ready.... after a hot n cold sleepless nite..

Today there was no flat battery and I was off to Kalbarri...
Another short drive and I stopped into Geraldton to get a few supplies and there was this guy standing in line  but left his  groceries as a mark to go get some ice... Mate i dont think that counts.... person I am didnt want to mess with the locals and let him back in...

Then on the road again singing songs..... and then all of a sudden my road trip was action packed with many old vintage cars  heading the other way.. mind u I waved to every one of them and not one waved back, I tell u my road abuse has started again if u dont wave... the verbal starts..

But I made it the Kalbarri and the coast line is spectacluar... I saw some dolphins, whales and I also remembered what Flies are like. OMG PESTKY THINGS.... I found the caravan park, unhitch and omg claiming it on HOW GOOD I DID, reversed and straight in , no dramas... FIRST TIME for eveything...

The after i went bush and big tex n I put hte 4WD in and went out to the windows something (in Kalbarri national park) but OMG is was another amazing  part of our land... got a pic of me in the window. then I was like hit the wall time and went to the park, got on my pushy with a couple of drinks and headed to the beach to tan the rig and watch the sun set.......

Friday, September 9, 2011

Slow start to the 6500km I am faced with

today saw me leave Perth, this was my longest stint in any one place 2months, and gotta says, I found it very hard to get going. But this trip  is on over till I pull back into my parents driveway and Christmas.

Yesterday I got my hair done, Caught up with a mate from skool which has been like over 10years, which was awesome and he introduced me to HOT/COLD  if u dont know what it is u have to go to Hillarys Boat Harbour in WA and try it out... Then I needed to get stuck packing and load up. Samuel Lukie cam over and helped me out with my stove as it was a bit broke. I packed up my gear and was all ready to hit the road early birds this morning.................


this did not happen, big tex let me down he had a flat battery... man wasn't I one angry lady, but like Talia said ' least it happened in Perth not in the middle of the Kimberlys'... so true.  After the RAC man came and fixed it and got BIG TEZ running I was off and roaring....

I went to the Pinnacles and OMG so amazing the colour and the shapes and they had a  4km drive round but I had to unhitch...  So I walked the 4km, with my  shoes off and enjoyed the twinkle in my toes and the magical colours, until Yas told me that scorpains live out there... I did not think of that did I.
After my walk it was time to hit the road a bit more to Jurien Bay, but the caravan park was full so I have ended up in a place called Green Head, nice beach place...

So there u go the blogs will be back, month of non stop action packed adventure and fingers crossed no more battery flatting...


Well the grand parents arrived to Perth town and got to see the west coast...
The first week they stayed in the city which I crashed on their couch one night after our big night out on a crusie boat... I think grandma had the bigger night, bottle of red send the women drunk... But good times.
After their action packed wk whilst I was working hard, we checked out of the city and headed to scarbourgh beach to our fancy apartment...
I could have easily got used to the apartment just like that with a click of a finger but as all good things do sometimes come to a end, This week flown.

I took grandma down to the beach to dipp her toe in the Indian Ocean, had a dinner date at sizzlers before watching RED DOG.... great movie, great day and nite. Jack said it was too cold to go outside so he watch his sport all day long, which suited him fine.

Sunday came round so fast and it was time to put them on the train and wish them farewell. They were very nervous lol but all is well... This sunday also meant I only have 5 days left in Perth before I hit the road.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everyone has a purpose

Well this wkend had seen me drive up too Kalgoorlie to see a old friend whom we have not seen each other for over 4.5 years. So off I was on friday on a 6hr drive to the red mineing captail of W.A. I was so excited to see Kelly.

Alot of things renforced my thought about everyone is put here on earth for a purpose some maybe longer than others. however who ever comes in and out of your're life is also part of their purpose.  Which Kelly and myself both said our paths were meant to be crossed again and it was like life 4 years ago was nothing and we had always been in contact. which is a sign of a true friend.  So the week end not not only spending time catch up but we also went on some adventures....

I picked up Andrew and Kelly from School and they showed me to their home and their most cutest dog called Kyro which is a white german sheppard. (magic looking), he may have nearly ended up in my car and I took him home with me heheh but it did nto happen. I meet some of their friends who have also just go back from crossing the nulla. which was great to just chill with some great friends and enjoy each othes company.

Sat morning saw kelly and I walking Kyro now I am also particapating in study at Curtin Uni in W.A on how active are office workers and their pattern of stillness (which work hours i am still a still) but wkends was actions packed. Then we cooked my fave POACHED EGGS, Hani style and went of a adventure around Kal, now those whom have not been out there is remind me of Alice springs and those who have not been to alice either should think about doing it. We went to see the superpit which is a 1km in the ground mine area for all to see.. AMAZING and these massive tyres which I struggled getting onto them as my jean a lil tight which restricts my legs making such large movement.. funny site of me it was..

Then we got a Chai each and wondered the streets and looked and very very nice dimonds and engagement rings. and No I am not, not telling u something, we just admiring the fine sparkle. Kel and I went and did some shopping and before u know it was beer o'clock, which I have found 5seeds (TED'n kS) cidar yum yum and sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying a cold fresh one and each others  compan, u could not ask for a better arvo. till night hit.........

Now it as getting on and we were all rocking and andrew kellys lover lover soon to be husband decided we were all going out... now this decisions to go out was about 11ish, so we got dressed and got a boogie on and hit up KAL TOWN........ oh wow !!! wat a fun funny night. you think being such a large mining town there would be some smoking hot lads........ boom boom!! WRONG!! not that I was wanting.. just to have a look and go YEAH BOI!!

Which saw us to the end of our night. some ppl were bit drunkypoo.... this morning was a day of madd bacon and eggs feeds, hot milo and before long time to farewell, now the a boring journey home is never on the cards in my world.

I was crusing along after I had my lil nap on the side of the road and pumping out the speed and next things lights and i was like oh nooooooooooo... BUT  they wanted to take my breath test. and i was like oh noooooo but some one was all clear and i even got to keep the blowly thing as a parting gift. I have now made it home and ready to start the week off.

Just getting back to everyone here has a purpose. we dont really stop and think about the purpose of ppl in ours lives. but its funny how some come n and out of yours live all the time, as that one person may just have a special gift in their personaliltly or body language to assist another as do they to others. But the best purpose people have in my life are the ones that does matter how long its been since we have seen each other or will always feel just like we only saw each other yesterday. this feeling is a special bond that not many people get to experince, however I am say that this trip I am learning who those ppl are and they are very dear to me and I was always be there for them no matter where I am.

So next time have a think about a past friends and see if u  can break down their purpose of them being in ur life at that time. and when u look back u can either understand or smile and go yes that it right. it may be a positive or negative however they all allows us to learn from the moment and better ourselves.

Perth Bound

Well I have been a bit lazy or have not kept up todate.

I have been in Perth for 3 weeks now and only 4 weeks to go. How time is flying by. The drive up to Perthwas a long one because someone got them selves vhery toasty the night before. But I finally made it there and the best thing was I had a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom which were seperate from each other. It was great.
On the sunday I went crusing around to find my way around and feel in love with perth. I have become quite settled at work and found the gym have gotten into a routine...

Perth should be put on the 2 list to see the great west of our magic country.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vinny the Beauty Parlour

Vinny is open for business........

Pretty sure i mentioned this a while ago. Seeing how I am on such a budget I am manged to learn to wax myself, yup u name it I am waxing it... Well maybe not everything.

Vinny is a thriving lil business its a one man show. Great waxes, good company and plently of gossip and know one even bitches back its  great.

This way I save money, however there is one section of waxing I can not do, and I try but you know when u get all hot and stressy well yup thats me during this section and it is not good in letting the wax heat, so I end up cutting the wax off and just leave it... So I might not be open for many clients just yet... ;)

Feel the fear and Thrive off it

Well so I have been a bit deep of late with the word TIME  which leads me to my next 'deep' moment when it comes to FEAR

Fear is defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.  (Great Answer )

Well we can not escape the feeling as its in all of us whether we want to admit it. Now my trip is been all about fear, fear of having to change a tyre, fear of getting robbed, fear crash,  fear of being lonely, fear fear fear I could bla bla all day, however I use theses emotions of fear to  thrive and reach my goals.
Everyday I wake up and am grateful the what I am doing, but something insides me wants more is it me being greedy to want more. No not really, is because I know I can reach for more and I have a whole lot more to give the everything I do. But there that Fear factor of the unknown....

People tell me all the time that I am brave and travelling on my own, and they openly admit they would never have the balls to do it. But when someone tells me I am so used to being life the way it is atm, and I just go with it. We all need to use FEAR of things to our advantage as it will create opportunity for better ourselves.
I will be honest my big fear is being open with feelings, I am pretty open in my life but when the word Feelings come into play PER-ching-- I am gonnnneeee, But (so many buts) I am learning to deal with the 'fear' and use it to thrive in my life.

My Next fear is Perth bound... we shall just leave it at that.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Time is a word to me, which is nearly as powerful as the word Love.
Time is defined as the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another..

Some people think I have too much time on my hands and due take my vivid daydreams and lack of human contact. Which I dont think is the case. Many of us don't spend enough time on our owns to get to really know ourself. Which I am doing, We are too busy worrying about being a alone and running out of time, that we dont stop and enjoy the moment of the current time.

Time is a word used for anything really, excuses, setting dates for things,  our fear etc.... I think u all get my drift.

To me I have learnt that our life is not here for ever and our time does run out, but why not make the most of our time that we have and enjoy life.  I am starting to tstop making those excuses related to time and making the time to do those things.

Its funny because I never thought of the word 'time' could be so meaningful and powerful as the word 'love'. But it is if u really think about it. 

I beleive I have started using my time better and I using it to do the things I want to do before time runs out. 
Some one asked me the other day 'if I  was bored yet?' Now how could one answer that without giving a smart answer. so I did not reply. My life is not boring, we choose the things we do in life and if that makes us bored then we need to change them. I was bored in coffs harbour and this is why I am doing this adventure. The only time I was bored is driving a 90mile straight road on my own (and u can only sing, talk to urself and day dream soo much)  So I am not bored because I am using this time to explore and see knew things that make  my life smile and shine. 

I know dont how many people read this blog, but please still enjoy the time u do to  reading this, but also think about the other things that u wish to do in life and start doing them before that time is up.

Bunbury Town

1 wk down another 2 go

This week I did not get lost going to work, which is amazing as 1 out 3 office is not bad  3rd time lucky I  guess. People are nice and friendly had some awesome laughs. and the town is nice and beachy and great sunsets however one issues its a bogan of all bogan towns. I just cant desrcibe it but Bogan.

The week has gone so fast, Soon as of next wkend I will be in perth in a house, soooo exciting.

I have nejoyed not having to drive to work, and the morning walks and afternoon walks home are amazing... SUNSETS in hte ocean is magical everrytime. just like on the east the sunrises are magical

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vinny the Boozey Van

Well after 10days of adventure 6spent driving from a to z, weeing on my self 2 twice because of the wind on the nulla, nearly loosing the fuel game, after 3040.2km, massive amounts of singing, getting drunk  @ farm station, getting smashed on a wine tour  and being high on sugar for 10days and turning vinny into a boozy van I have made it to bunbury.

Yes the driving was hell but I have ticked it off the to do list and feel in love with southern coast of W.A busselton and yalligunup (not sure if that how u spell it) and just the sunsets are amazing.

So I am setting up for my 2 weeks in bunbury and learnt that I  have come to my true sense and turned vinny into a boozy van with 4 bottles of wine  3 bottles of passion pop, and newly bought shot glass (note to self: dont buy things when smashed on a wine tour, u forget till the next day)

Yesterday saw me going on a Wine tour with BUSHTUCKER TOURS, omg is highly recommended had a great day, step out of the comfort zone again as u do, with going on it along, but at the end of the day we were all friends and giggling n carrying on, did not realise how drunk I was till  hung over kicked in @ 2pm this morning..... ouchy.... but today was another smll drive to bunbury as I come back to reality as I have to work tomz. I WILL GO TO THE RIGHT OFFICE!!!

Only 2 weeks then its perth bound... wow how time is going fast, staying at a caravan park opposite the beach which will get my morning walk before i ride my bike to work, as its short as coin on fueloits....

After the 10days I have enjoyed every moment of it and cant wait till I hit the Kimberley's lol

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sugar Sugar n more Sugar

Well I am starting to loose track of total time and the only way i know wat day it is because we lost big time.

My body is starting to hate me as all I am eating in the car is lollies, chocolate, n more lollies n chocolate, I even bought biscuts and apples to try and stop it all, but OMG I can understand why some truckies take drugs to keep them going... When ur on ur own and on a deadline, yes and when u say something outloud ur vocie sounds kinda werid because its been silent for sooooooooo long...

Well today was another long massive drive in the wet, lots of rain, just hope for some sunshine when i get to margaret river or bunbury, everything is getting wet n staying wet. Today was a bit of a shaky moment, water had wash the dirt away from the road so if u went off it, it was like going off a gutter and going  80km/hr it was not cool, if I was going any faster thing could have been a lot worse. and no I was not texing or on the phone I was eating a red snake Gotta love ur ALLANS LOLLIES..

But I did a drive by in Albany and my god I feel in love, even thoUgh it was wet, but I could see how amazing it would be in the summer or even jsut when it was not wet, tonite I found BIG 4 in denmark, massive place, from the front looks bit hows ya father, but on the other side, its green lush and the amenties are pretty schmick..

Another day tomz of lollies n more lollies and singing really should have bought some blank cd's today but I was more worried about buy new undies because I dont want to wash and I am all out. I have learnt I need more undies they gone missing and u can only wear the one lpair twice. Well tomz I am not sure of my location but it will be for 2 days and gonig to find myself a madd wine tour to loosy drunk before I hit reality of working life

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lucky Bay

So for the last 2 days I have just chillaxed in the middle of nowhere in a national park at a placed called Lucky Bay, now another palce of histroy where Matthew flinders ancored as it was sheltered..

This spot in summer would a gold mind for swimming n camping, just amazing as the sun was out for a bit, I got my backpack packed for of goodies n lunch and off I was, I walked along the beach for good 2km walk maybe more, then it was up n over the mt to check out the other side... now I was sun back when walking dont let ur white white belly in the sunshine, it does get pink lol
But the weather weather was turning for the not so good, and I had already walked in rain n got soaked up so I sat n had my lunch and enjoy the peacfulness of natural beauty its just amazing, then I head back down the mt through the running waterfall and then had afternnoon tea at the base of the mt on the rocks as the waves were crashing

Back along the beach exploring in the seaweed finding lots of rope n fishing line and i even picked up  a fishing knife for when I Start that fishing.. lol 

Made it back to camp and my body still all out of wack I found myself sound asleep at 7.30pm and this morning it was pissing down and I was all wet n just wanted a hot shower n to chilax a bit more, so here I am hot showered up, shaven legs, (needed to feel lady like), washed hair (feel sexy) and dry bed and cuppa tea did the trick... 

Tomz will see me on another big let to Albany, nearly at my final destination.............

day 4: Fraser range to Cape Le Grand National Park

Well today we were all feeling sorry for ourseleves as last nite was toasty of warm fires n more wine.

But I was off and it was time to hit the road again, a couple kate and patrick had a lil boy Gus who was 2 we all got to feed the lambies, but lil Gus had the call of the day as soon as he saw the lamb he yells 'LOOK CAMELS!!!' bahaha priceless

It was a late start but I was off and trotting along, no day dreaming as someone was too dusty and the drive to esperance which should have been short turned out to be long as I was sleeping on the side of the road every 1hr... But noneless I made it to esperance got some food supplies and headed bush

After 3days of no repcetion my phone was off tap, but as I was heading to Cape Le grand national park my phone service would be gone again.. It was late monday when I arrived and the weather was not great, but the water and sand looked amazing I set up camp, and so did another couple which I had a cuppa with. As we were all gonig to brave the weather out..

day 3: Mundabrilla to Fraser range station

I woke to the sunrise which was amazing as my 'bodyclock' was saying u have slept in which it was only 5.30 W.A time. But today was another long day of Driving.. something different, I was driving into the headwind so my 80km/hr will be just nice.

Now ur in the middle of bum fuck (that wat its called from now on) and you are at a road house that sells fews and the next one is like 200km away can some please tell me why they will not have air to pump ur tyres up ? Go figure.

Big tez has not been the same since he nearly rang out of juice So i gave him treat of Oil which gave me a bit more of a tug tug. Today's drive was a bit more eventful. I went up a hill and even round a corner.

Yesterday I had found 6 new but old cd's i put into the player but that soon lost its charm and my singing over not getting any better, so the day dreaming started again (mind u I was driving another 600km of straightness) today I was in special undercover work for a massive drug bust. I was hiding out chilling in sawtell when the 'mob came looking for me, and I was at my waterhole 'sawty pub' which turned in a open fire war zones, trying not to blow my cover shooting the badies to do a drop off secret location......

Well relaity someone need fuel, so I been doing drive bys to see how much fuel is at each station worst I saw today was $2.01 OMG killing me arent u, keep on driving boys....

Well I stopped at a place called cocklebidedie and  'Big Tez, Vinny the Van, Hannah Pineapple' was giving a certificate saying we have driven across the nulla, the boys did good but still more driving..

Now if u ever see a sign on the nulla that say 'Blowhole' stop and read the sign before driving because retards like my sef drove around in 4wd with vinny in tow looking for this 'blowhole' I ended up back east of the blowhole turn off  grrrrr!!!! So I went back and read the sign and OMG  it was 2metres from the bloody highway, loser that I am was thinking it was on the ocean (not really many ppl would think that)

I stopped at another servo I was out of chocolate, chewy n lollies, the music was killing me (heard it a thousand times) as I was sending a tex to via payphone to mother to say I am still alive, I talked to this chick about which direction she was going.. did not think anything of and keep driving... All day this I load  kept over taking me and we were waving each other on and as I got to Fraser range station they had pulled up on front of me.

Whoever travels the nulla MUST stay at FRASER RANGE STATION (best so far)
Well the 2 girls Phebie and Angela were driving across to Perth as well, and on a massive road trip too, we were al in the camp kitchen at there was a fire and it was all stoked up and very  warm n cosy, the girls had the red wine going and before long we were all maggot talking shit and sharing stories with another 2 couples, it was like 11am freezing outside and we all had a big drive to do, we called it a  night...

Bloody great time a Fraser range we feed the lambies and just a great place to stay. the girls decided to stay on another night,

day 2: Ceduna to Mundabrilla

Well today was the day that I would actually make it onto the Nulla,
After a eventful night in Ceduna  with fireworks and lots of rain, it was time to  hit the road again..

Today was about 560km, and OMG yes the road is long n straight n boring, however I did make myself entertained with my day dreaming coming back sorry guys those who know 'Gorge' has not come back, ever since that stony passion  pop afternoon he has never come back. (another day for that story)
Now before I hit the nulla stories, Vinny met his triplets. for the first time since I have left I saw 2 other Flite jayco's OMG I was a bit stoked, and so were the other couples, lol I did meet a lovely couple from Queensland that gave me some tips along the way.

Well as my singing grew old (i really was tired of listening to me toned deaf voice) and swearing at all the car and trucks that would not wave I started day dreaming  today day dreaming was falling in love and getting married at my 30th I even had a black tie theme party in a big marquee as I do like to have a party which then saw me surprising everyone to sit in a garden for the ceremony... that soon stopped when I saw a bra blowing in the trees, made me think if that where my 2 went from newcastle

I was not going to run out of fuel today so every station that was under 1.90 I put a few bucks in here and there, got to the boarder and had to raise  up vinny for Quaatine check.. I just don't get it, i come n leave NSW  to Queensland but there is not station to stop and do a search.. HELLO SAME COUNTRY  different station.

After I crossed the boarder I gained 2hrs and it was like 2pm, so I thought to myself lets just do another 60km to the next town, but lil did I think, but as soon as I passed Eluca no phone service and my lil budget was sitting in another account that I was needing to transfer money... 'heart attack' but 50cents got me a phone call to CBA and transfer funds lol another pfftttt.

I stayed at this roadhouse which OMG something u get out of the movies in the middle of bumfuck, but my  another fellow travellers were lovely but that Westley wind was blowing a gale.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fuel game no more

Today I was up nice and early a 12hr sleep does that to u, must have been tired as I am tonite as well.

Another glorious sunrise and the boys and myself were off to get to Ceduna from P.A. Everything started of well and the flinders ranges reminded me off Alice and magic of the sunrise and the red dirt.. just sensational..
Once we past all the pretty redness the road was kinda boring, but I did enjoy the drive, stopped into a town
called Wudinna not sure how it is pronounced but i am think WOO-DINNER... now this drive got me there on half a tank which was more than 210km, which is the distance from wudinna to ceduna. So I was like yeah I can make it too Ceduna with the other half...............

WELL  wasn't I wrong... I have played to fuel game a fews  times this trip but nothing can compare to this round. Now I have not pushed Tezh so far to see how he goes but please Hannah on a trip like this baahaha.

I was 50kms out of Ceduna and the fuel light came on.. Then my heart started racing and mind u it was 25degrees outside we quite warm. I was trying to do calculations in my head if I would make it... and hand started sweating, So the aircon went off, the radio went off and the wind is blowing in my face from outside

The marker was moving closure to the E and it was 10km down 40km to go, then the pep talk started come on tez, I am sorry I am putting u through this, but please don't stop keep going, (now those who have not done this trip 40km to ceduna = nothing but road and the odd driveway)

My Mind was thinking I might have to right my bike to a petrol station, 40km with no gears omg noooo

27km to go and I started singing song 'go tez go' 'if u can't do it no one can'

My driving got down to 60km/hr and car are over taking and staring at me....

then the count down was on 10.5km, 10.3km, 10, 9.5km etc..... Then I found a petrol station put 10bucks in till I found Coles to get a discount and fill up...

My trip for that day that started to get boring ended up being action packed, Adrenalin pumping afternoon,,

made it to Ceduna, and looking for caravan parks and went bush for one and though my car broke, But ended up in town a nice looking one with the jetty and water behind me.

Tomorrow I seem to be doing another 490km, but I will def fill up along the way so there is not another repeat

one thing DEAR Sanata, can u please send me some jerrycans for the next road trip, and xmas in July this is...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let the Driving begin

Just want u all to know this is the 3rd time I am typing this blog because the computer keeps crashing

Well it was time to big Adelaide farewell and start the next adventure of my trip the Nulla, however I must say it was hard to packed this morning as I think Adelaide has won my heart over, its beitween RAD and Melbs, Also last nite i was in bed by 8 as my sleepy lil eyes would not stay awake....

So I was all packed and off I went up to  Clare, oh what a amazing drive, acres of grape wines , lush green paddocks and old storying telling buildings in the middle of paddocks. such a typical winters day rainy and wooly in Clare.

As I was heading closure to P.Augutter it was getting warmer n warmer top of 23degrees, but I before i got to P.A i was looking for a pinci stop for lunch but could not find one, then  I keep driving and needed a wee stop, and all the rest areas dont have toilets, but it was crunch time and I stopped at the next rest area and found a tree, but OMG it was where every dom dick and harry had been but with Toilet papper and poos, (dont they know to shake and dry) But my wee snuck back up very quickly (weee fright) so I sucked it up and drove too P.A it was onky 20min (sometimes when u gotta go u gotta go) i made it

Checked into p.a carvan park lucky I became a member bloody through the roof the prices and saw my budget blown on the first day. Not to worry back up was on hand.

Old nanna that I am, whom has not ahd much sleep in the last 3 nights, found herself having a afternoon nanna nap take took me through till 6.30pm... woweeee, well ladies and gents Tomorrow is a new day and another day of driving.

The Whole wkend not wasted

Well we can pretty much Right all of saturday off.............

But Sunday I can say was a  eventful day.. Got up nice and early did my chores (which were meant to be done on sat) Then I picked up Heidi and off we went to Harndorf (the german town in Adeliade) Which was pretty cool, went to this pub for Lunch and lucky I did not have any breaky because OMG  massive burgers, hotdogs, schenzils u name it everything was large.

We pop our head into this cute candle shop, but also inside was theses tiny handcrafted wooden xmas decorations all the way from southern germany in a lil village. The art work and detail in each one was just amazing.

Then we were off to Melbas chocolate factory - yummy got a few goodies to get me through my trip.......... but I ate them before I left hehe as you do.

After Melbas we went to the Worlds Largets Rocking Horse.. it was pretty cool, I got to climb all the way to the top, great view then I went and sat on the mini one 2 biggest kids at the park was heidi and myself.

The day had been amazing so far the sun was shining and we had been on lots of lil adventures, but the final adventure for RAD was the church hunt so off we went and made our way back home and stopped and took pics of as many churches that we could find...

I think Rad has won me over so far, its  a toss up between RAD and MELBS but then next chapter is beginning

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Night out in RAD

Well ladies and gents, 

Now I know some of u are thinking about how a 26 young yr old would meet guys and bring them back to the Vinny, well so far Vinny has had no action since I left on the road, sooooo it may have all changed....

I thought it was time to go out and see the night life of Adelaide which I got as far as the Casino. which was a rocking night called it a night at 6.15am in the morning, my shirt came home pink from red wine spilt everywhere, and I have not had a all nighter in such a long long time, which involed in people buying us bottles of wine and the polishing of 6bottles, getting cut off and ask to leave as yes the sun was rising..

Lets just say the rest is history....... Only 4 nights left then its time to start the journey of the Nulla

one week wonder

Well my week back home went Quicker than u could blink,
I went through floods and lots of rain, to sunshine and lovely weather.was .

I believe it was a good trip to make me feel if its the place i want to go back to and live or find a new place to start fresh after my trip.  Which I feel at this stage find a new palce.

But I did get to see my cute lil nehpew who is just growing up soooo quickly.... I even spent time with my friends and family which was alway lovely. But all weeks come to a end and I turned 26 and it was time to fly back to RAD to complete the 2 half of the year.

More flight daramas with crazy crazy weather but all is good and swinging back in the Van

Friday, June 10, 2011

the Aeroplane Trip Strikes again

Well Thursday arvo was seeing me catching the plane to Sydney before the coffs journey today.

I have a theory when I check in on line, I look for a few things,
1. where are the free seats (so i dont have to sit nex to anyone)
2. aisle seat so I can stretch my legs.
3. middle of plane.

Well i don't know if this is working in my favour or wat... but 2 from 2 plane trips now I have sat next to some guys, which  i must say have been more than interesting. It also reminded me of the good old 3 degrees of separation and there is always a way of knowing a friend of a friend, so I be catching up with him when I get to RAD....d

Aunty jo and john came to pick me up and for dinner we went to a pub and ended up have one 2 many bottles of wine, which I have not drunk for over 8weeks, so the head was a lil dusty yesterday morning. But we were up and at it.

It was the first time I have walked across the Sydney harbour bridge, and into the rocks down to myers and done a lil shopping. I have to admit I have never really like Sydney as I get flustered and dont enjoy myself, However yesterday i saw a different side of Sydney and the history each building has is amazing, the stories it tells.

I do think that us a Australian and our visitors need to have more pride in our harbours and beaches, because I took a picture of the rubbish floating in the water at Circular key. DISGRACEFUL. Not hard to put something in the bin, or if it blows away run after, who cares if u look like a dick, least ur putting it in the right place.

The morning was not a cloud in the sky but by the time we were catching the ferry to Manly, the weather had turned and someone who was wearing thongs and light cardie n singlet was not feeling the warmth, But Jo and I went to the pub Steyne hotel and had some lunch by the fire, watch the madd swell on the horizon, but for the clamness in on the beach of the water was amazing... then it time to head back and get ready for dinner.

I was catching up with a friend and we walked all the way from nth Sydney along the bridge again to China town, my gosh it was a walk.. but the nite was great, the light show on the opera house was great and the fire show... Chinatown was great good food.

That was my time in Sydney now its time for me to take my flight home and enjoy life just a little bit more than I am now.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your never too OLD...

The great thing about caravan parks, is every day or 2 you are always meeting new people. This week I meet a lovely couple (which i didn't seem to get their names) but they are still travelling in the caravan around oz and they are in their 80's Mind you that do not look at all in their 80's. They just made me take a good look at life itself, that who cares how old u are, too young, as long as ur out their having a crack.
They a the pure evidence to show that age does not matter, its what in your head that matters,
if you think your old, then you act old. SIMPLE  really

You have a look around the people you see and meet and you will soon.

I am also reading a book from Clare which is a hard one to get into but its all about life and philosophy. good great, great Quotes, which has also lead for me to come to the realisation that this adventure is all about personal growth and massive SOUL searching... sometimes I do have too much time to think but other times I am just enjoying the ride.

I don't if its the book I am reading or a mixtures of things but I have taken a few step forwards in terms of finding a career path and taking  advice of the old generation whom i respect (most of the time) as they have ready been there done that, and can give adivce on their experiences to aid us younger ones in our path..

I bidded farewell to my tram buddies only for the wk, but still i look forward to my morning tram ride. Then last nite i packed up old big tez n vinny boy. Wlwhich I got lost again looking for the storage place, once upon a time I had great sense of direction, but I feel that relying in tom tom too much leads you in the wrong direction. However I made, I was running on schedule but it kinda went out of whack, but hey oh well.....

I officially own a suitcase again which mind u chocablock full... Off to Sydney I go then Coffs Harbour Town on Saturday...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Durry Muncher Plague

Well I have to say I could easily pack up and move to glenlg, its one of the pretty spots in Adelaide.

Has a path that runs along the beach for KM's which on Saturday I was on my bike and down the track to Glenlg Jetty, Sitting in the sun reading my book. And I caught up with Chris from Alice which was nice and went for a long walk back to the caravan to prove to him that it will be more than a work out for one person lol... who was Right AHAHA yup me thats right...

So the whole week must have worn me out because Friday nite I feel asleep sitting in on my lil at 8 o'clock and then out like a light, lucky I went for my big bike ride on Saturday,

Sunday today saw more with another day out and caught up with Heidi from work, we were going to have a coffee at glenlg and then the markets, which totally did not happening, the clouds came over and I was tossing up should i ride to Glenelg or drive, Driving was the choice as when I got there the wind was blowing a gayle and we decided to just go into the city and see the markets we caught the tram, we got off to check out this group of ppl with bands and looked cool, but when we got there, there were ppl standing around doing nothing until we realised it was a protest again the carbon tax.... PASSSSS.  When we got the where the markets were ment to be... they were not on, so Heidi suggested we go to a Chocolate Cafe, Called Chocolate bean...... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

There was so must to choose from but we shared a plate called CHOCOLATE FILTH- which came with a slice of DEATH by CHOCOLATE CAKE, 2shots of white chocolate soup, 2 shots milk chocolate soup, a shot of cream, shot of chocolate moose, strawberries in chocolate and drizzle of chocolate all over.... OMG yummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy but i must say i did not eat for the rest of the day, and the last shot of soup was like I was out in the pub and the round of shots were out and u were that drunk you knew it was going to go down like a killer, and had the water ready... BUT i did it and wow, its was great at the time, but my gym session for the next 3 days will be burn burn burn that off.....

The observationist that I am  I have noticed there is a plague in Adelaide in the world of Durry munchers, I dont think I have even been in the city where ppl a standing and walking everywhere with the durry in their hands. For me who does not smoke I would notice smokers in cities, but the here in Adelaide it crazy they are just about every 5m i am like a zig zagger lucky i have not got done for J walking...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I braved public transport to work and made it

Well this morning was a early start wasn't it, 4.45am and then off to the tram, then from the tram to the gym by 6am, then work....
But it was the greatest morning by far.. I met 2 blokes on their way to work which helped me with the tram and which stop to get off... and as the tram was 20min, we had a good old yarn.... and they even thought i was 20....

Which I came to the realisation that in 20 days I will be 26, mean closer to 30, but for some reason I have this sense of calmness over me, I have let go of things that were bring me down and i was holding on too.... and I just feel refreshed

I must say going to the gym and being up at early did help my soul, felt soooooooo goood.

Then I was off on my way to work and smelling of vingar as it leaked onto my work shirt, but bit of cleansing didn't hurt either...I also learnt how to poach eggs in the mircowave and DAM  i was impressed with myself as they were goood, better than i thought,

Then I was on tram home and Life is great, funny how the littlest things can make life that whole much better..

Not long till I fly home...... 10sleeps

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting about Adeliade

Well yesterday I got to have a sleep in no rush to get anywhere, and I got to get my chores done, Well I did my washing bit of spring cleaning, after a having the most amazing sleep, U know when bee away and its like no place like your own bed, well my  bed in vinny clean and dry was just that...

Then I was off to see if i can find my way around the city and the gym and work, and the place where I was to park... omg its a bit nervous but as I was on my way home i happen to find myself in HARBOURTOWN... to do food shopping lol and I ended up walking round the whole place, must say not as good as goldy one, but  it was nice to just wonder around the shops, Then I came back to and sat in the sun and read the paper... life was bliss....

Today i was awake at the crack of dawn, and nerves were setting in, as I did not want to go to the wrong office... ahah but guess what i ended up at the wrong office again... i really should not make a habbit of this lol... but I have managed to get past the first day nerves and will be back for round 2.......... a bonus is I am off to the GYM and get back into it....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have arrived to RADELIADE........

Well ladies n gents I have officially made it to radelaide, after long long days of driving and wet n more wetness....

But today I am so excited to have made it and the park its awesome, and sooooo many tourists which is even better.
Robetown was lovely had some awesome points and history, There were so many shipwrecks along the coastal shores that we never learn about at school. Theses shipwrecks are part of the creation these townships. I just loved the last couple of days, and if i planned better would have more time to get to radelaide, but now that I have made it, I am so glad that I can sleep in knowing that I don't have to get up and rush off anywhere or have to drive for that matter....

I have to say a few towns I stopped in and then past some ppl on the road I had my doubts of how many rednecks live in South Aust. As this town everyone had mullets with shaved heads and theses mad moushaces... and i was like omg please..... It was quite funny really

But must admit this t/a store had a Quote picture
1. CHALLENGE: Create the trail, don't follow the path

I thought it was rather meaningful,
then i read my daily Quote calender and it said 'He has achieved success, who has lived well, laughed often and loved much'

Which was another good one

I am going to potter at the beach, doing some washing, food shopping normal life chores, and even find my way to work, so I don't have a mishap like Hobart.... ahah too funny...

Best thing bout staying here is i paid for 10 stay for 11, whooooo thats a extra $32bucks savings.... yeah boi...

OMG - Just have to share as I type this, my fellow camper next door, is pumping the music out which makes me feel like I am in the streets of Byron bay and listen to the buskers... or maybe its Indian music... i am not sure..... but he did not say hello to me when I Said hello too him....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fuel Game 2 round go to Hannah, 0 wins to Fuel Tank

Well it was another day of action packed driving and looking at spots along the coast, I have worked out on Thursday I drove 320km
Friday I drove 300km
Today Saturday I drove a massive leg of 424kms huge leg

But I have to say I have stopped and pottered around the place, after I left port Campbell i stopped along the way looking at all the natural landmarks our lovely country. Spoke to fellow travellers about their adventures. I must admits I am a little disgusted in toursit, the amount of rubbish and durry butts everywhere at each land mark is appalling, esp at the 12 apostles. how hard it is to respect our land, before u know they will be charging us to see the national parks just like they do in tassie. anywhoo  I got into warrnambool and wow the foreshore is great, I can see. my self there in summer chillaxing, then I was off to port fairy which is another lovely spot. now mind u  the weather was not the greatest it was wet raining, so my pottering was limited but great. The I went to Portland bay, AMAZING i could live there too, and they even have a lil tram ride for tourists to have a look around and it goes past peoples houses like a foot path... coolest thing, then I was like should I keep driving and i was like yeah there must be sun shine some where,.

Nelson is the last town in VIC before crossing over, to S.A which i took a pic... as I have never been to S.A
So off I went to to port McDonnell another] great coastal town, and some of the beaches and beach house would take gold a run for their money... But I was in the mind set to get going and make it to ROBE, which  I will potter around before making my final leg to Adelaide and chillxing on Monday before work on Tuesday..

Now mind u I have to VENT...  in tassie i cope road abuse due to NSW plates and tassie do not know how to merge over....

Well When I got into S.A if a car towing a caravan moves over the left more so, to allow the car behind u to pass, the car behind should not hesitate and not be afraid to cross onto the other side of the road, that's wat the broken dotted lines are for.... happened about 4times, and I put my lil blinker on  twice then off so they know..... but must be a truck thing. and just like trucks if u sitt up on a caravan ass even with my wide mirrors I can't see u and If i stopped suddenly god knows wat would have happened....

Anyway as u can see I can only yell out into the car to myself.... so u have to read it after.... lol

Another actioned packed day tomz, and No more fuel games, as I am up 2 and fuel tank 0, but I don't want it to win....

Friday, May 27, 2011

The G.O.R is amazing

Wow what a great sleep I had on the Boat, so good to sleep in a room with controlled tempauture and not have to sleep with layers n layers of clothes...

Off the boat nice and early know checking for flamables this time pffttt, and waited for Clare. We had a lovely a breaky and caught up on the last 6weeks, So good, but time was running away and I had to get going along the great ocean road.

I was soo excited and I still am about this next chapter, for some reason I am so oo oo excited. I got to Torquay and went to the outlets to find a girl i used to work with or live well drink with in buller crystal... so random but good,

Then I was off to Bells beach, can't not stop, and it was pissing down rain, but i got out of the car when to the viewing spot to take some pics then I was off again....

This stage is was pissing down harder and the view was not great it was still amazing, Lorne is cute town, but just outside if lorne the slippery roads were true to their slipperness, as a couple on a motorcycle went round the bend and came off, the guy was fine but the lady was not in a good way, and it was only fresh as no ambos.

Once I got past there i was crusing along chilling and enjoying the road and views, coming into Apollo Bay (now thats a cute beach town) I was gonig to find somewhere to nap but I could not find, so I kept on going, i forgot to say do not have fish n chips n Lorne (YUCK YUCK YUCK) worst ever.....

As i was out on the west side of Apollo you head inland for a while which is amazing i stopped at a viewing point ran up the hill to get the legs going, then i was back in the car till i reached

THE 12 APOSTLES....................

OMG wat another magical place in Australia.... the height of the cliffs, colour of the rocks, the waves, the view omg go on get your lists out again and put that on the 2 do some lists, spent time there, and took pictures for the forgeiners, just the thing i do, happens everywhere, but these were sexy european guys studying on exchange her, so really I was more than  to happy help... ;)

The I went to LORD ARD where a ship crashed and stuff, which is also amazing,  then it was time to get to Port Campbell as it as 5.30 getting dark, i was tired and I needed to set up.

Now PORT CAMPBELL HOLIDAY PARK, so far is the best carvan park I have stayed at so far. The camp kitchen (great), have lounges with TV comfortable, and the amenities a great too, I think its a new block but very well looked after.

I was all set up and wanted to just get a good pub feed, but in no luck as the was expeno in each spot and the pub more so, but I found a nice place , publike but not really, had some garlic prawns (yummy) and chilled with a glass of wine....

Now until tomz when the adventures begins again to finish the G.O.R

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farewell Tasmaina Hello Great ocean rd

Well yesterday was a amazing day, Woke up to the crisp morning air, sunrise with no clouds in the sky, Ice covering Vinny but I was up and add it packing up the life of Hannah and Gearing up for a long drive up the centre.

As I was leaving Hobart, the cops were on rads of cars, and on the other side of the road there was a caravan getting searched, so glad sooo sooo glad that was not me.

But I was off and driving along day dreaming about life and my next adventure and those who know 'Roger' he may have came in my day dream too (those who don't know roger, he is just my mystery man in my day dream.) ahahahh

Then I passed a train park where I played when i was on hockey tour back when I was 16, and bought back some awesome memories. oh the good old days

Once I made it to Launcestion, I picked up Beth and OMG has to reverse Vinny out of the centrelink car park, omg didn't I shit my self girl ou because the call centre windows u can see out real good, but I made it, Sent Beth a msg saying ' i am the out the front  thats everyone is staring at. lol But it was good to see her as its been like5 years, which was so nice to catch up and hear about each othes lives

The it was time to keep heading on to Devonport to catch the boat, which I stopped in a smll town called Westberry (i will have to confirm and get back to you on that) but had a great chat with the guy that owns the post office and Said his business if up for sale, so those who want to move to tassie and run a post office in a town of population 1000, go for it
I got onto the boat and checked into my room, sharing with another girl from Scotland but lives in the Flinders ranges, and to our lovely surprise we were greet with a used dommy wrapper and spare one, not sure what they were trying to imply, but good work house keepers. The difference in sleeping in the berth than the recliners omg 100% great nite sleep with some good pills to help with the rocking, and out like  a light.

Now I am sitting in port Melbourne waiting on Clare bear so we can have breaky and its off onto the great ocean road whooooooooooooo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Challenge of the Cards

Well today was my last day in Hobart and wasn't it a fresh start to the day, which turned out to be a awesome day. Kirsty from work made some amazing fresh scones with jam and cream... oh my yummy... Then I was gifted with some beautiful pictures of hobart and snow capped mt wellington and my fave Wine Glass Bay.

I have to admitt my time here has in all honestly been Quite Plesant minor the gastro and home sickness the smll adventures I went on and work was lovely as it felt like I was there forever

But as time goes on so does this adventure, I spent the nite with Adam and Katy watching the footy and seening the blues tough it out, but just could not hang onto it..

I have also got a lovely card from work which I think is funny as I am getting a collecting of cards which happen to be the same but with different lovely messsages, so the challenge is out to see how many cards I can get the same lol

Got a early start to pack up vinny boy and load him onto big tez and mozie my way up to the top to start my leg of the spirit of tasmainia....

Now just so my fellow readers I am plugging myself, but I have entered into TOAST OF A NATION vegemite compeition which I need you all to help vote for me, I could get my face on vegemite and some other prizes, (which i really dont know)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wine Glass Bay

Well ladies and Gentleman, yes you must put WINE GLASS BAY on your must do list, so get it out and wright it down....
I woke up nice n early had my eggs and I was off on my 2.5hrs drive to Coles bay which is the beginning of the national park, the day was going to be amazing,

Paid for my pass and Drove back to Coles bay, as it was $24.00 per car and can have up to 8 ppl or $12per person without car... So i was not paying $24.00 for my car, so i parked near the boat ramp and walked 4km along the beach and road till I got path for wine glass bay, Full of engery still i was gunning it up with hills, and then I puffed and there was a mutal puffing station which where I like to say i chatted to other fellow walkers, and the small world we live in strikes again, and ran into a couple from SAWTELL whom is a memeber of the Satwell Surf life Saving club.... such a smll world,
The great thing about this, is when u are rather home sick and you run into someone from home, that home sickness fads away, and a smile is brought to your face...

So it was back up the hill to wine glass bay look out, amazing, breathless... and I did not come all this way not to walk down onto the beach and put my feet in the water, so off i went down down down the hill....
(you know what that means i have to walk all the way back up)
But the walk was just worth it, the sounds of the waves breaking onto the shores, the birds tweeting and nothing but peacefulness. The water is so crisp, clean and clearest water I have seen in Australia. I took off my shoes rolled up my pants, and I was in hevan, the fresh water crashing onto my feet and for that moment I forgot I was in tasmania...

Then After I had some lunch, put my feet in the water one more time before I had to walk back up the Hill,
but at the end of the day I am sooo glad I finally made it to Wine Glass Bay... 14kms of walking (trekking) smell of ocean air, touch of fresh crisp water makes life so bliss

enjoy the simple things in life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

16.5.11 - Eden John Bennett was born

Well yesterday was a great day,

A lil boy was born around 1.15pm called Eden John Bennett, where bec gave it her might to push out this cute bundle of joy.... Which makes u feel all silly n happy inside.
Even though I was so far away i can not wait till I fly home in 25days to meet this lil one and give everyone a massive hug.

Now I am still sporting this illness called gastro that I want to punch in the face, if it had a face..... and feeling sorry for myself, but only 9more days left in tassie.... then I will be finally making my journey across the tasman along the great ocean road across to Adeliade.... when then means not long till i fly home,

I am soo sooo excited to go home, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, (right) We all take everything for granted until its gone, for us to realise how good we have it. Now Sawtell is a bloody good place. But its the ppl in my life there that make it sooo much more....

We all forget to stop and be greatful for what we have sometimes....

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So what a waste of a weekend I say,

I had planned to go away and trek Wine Glass Bay, but it turned upside down once I got the lovely gastro bug.

Early Friday morning, BANG!!! You know when u wake up and just have a feeling you are going to be sick, Well yup that what happened, started off spewing then move down south... On friday I have to say I have not felt so sick since god knows.... I was all light headed and to walk to the bathroom was more of a effort that I could believe. Saturday morning I thought I could go away but was not sure of how my tummy would be, and the last thing I wanted was a bathroom run in the middle of know where, where no toilets were around... pass.
So I was like Sunday morning I will get up and do a day trip to wine glass bay,

Saturday I had a massage thought it would be nice to just relax my body and went to see Water for Elephants.
I dont think people realise how their body language can make one feel when they go to the movies by themseleves, now going to the movies on your is not a bad thing but it does put u out of your conformt zone.
Which I think all must do once in their life. But honeslty its no difference sitting at home watching dvd's lights are off so who cares really...

After the movies I hit a massive wall. THEN BANG it hit me again, no spewing but the stomach the gastro.. I even run mum at 4am in the morning.... i did know what to do to...

Do u know there are 24/7 nurse hotline... well there is, and told me to get to the doctors now on a sunday after hours $81.00 bucks, NO THANKS... I will take my own drugs concoction and hope for the best... Slept all day......

So Lets hope I can get to port aruthr next wkend and possible wine glass bay as its my last wkend, and Quite frankly I am bloody glad..... which means only 2 weeks till I fly home to see family n friend, which I am need of very much....

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So today I was off on a smll adventure, sporting tonsillitis as well, but nothing like gargling warm salty water to help with the pain,

Anywhoo as I was driving I was dazing about life, as you do, Once I got into Richmond is funny how your memory come flooding back

Now I think and waiting on the girls for confirmation, as when I was last in tassie I was 16 play hockey for NSW, and we had a day off and went to the cadbury factory and on the way home stopped in a smll town, and today when I went to Richmond this was the town, being a 16yr I can understand why it has slipped my mind, as its a town which u would appreciate more a a adult, with the old convict style home, the police station is still located next to the old goal, and the beautiful yellow leaves everywhere,

Very cute town,

Multi Function Oven

Those who told me that it will be freezing in tasie are nearly quite right...

We have had a few fresh nites which I spent one nite in the camp kitchen with some fellow campers that I met whilst doing the dish, and they ask me to come back which I did,

Their names were Robert and Collieen who have been travelling around tassie and from the Gong, and a Mother with her children from South Australia, We spent the night talking about travels and adventures, It was great to speak to ppl other than at work and enoy a mini night out

As Vinny has canvas walls it would mean the cool chilly nights sneak inside.. which totally uninvited, and me who does not want to buy a heater has been living off my hot water bottle and keeping snugg, but my brain started thinking (whoooooo watch out) My lil convetional oven has heat elements which a just like a heater one, so I pulled the lid down pumped up the heat and wola I have heater and OMG  it works like a charm

I come back from the bathroom and Vinny is toasty toasty