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vinny and big tez
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vinny the Beauty Parlour

Vinny is open for business........

Pretty sure i mentioned this a while ago. Seeing how I am on such a budget I am manged to learn to wax myself, yup u name it I am waxing it... Well maybe not everything.

Vinny is a thriving lil business its a one man show. Great waxes, good company and plently of gossip and know one even bitches back its  great.

This way I save money, however there is one section of waxing I can not do, and I try but you know when u get all hot and stressy well yup thats me during this section and it is not good in letting the wax heat, so I end up cutting the wax off and just leave it... So I might not be open for many clients just yet... ;)

Feel the fear and Thrive off it

Well so I have been a bit deep of late with the word TIME  which leads me to my next 'deep' moment when it comes to FEAR

Fear is defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.  (Great Answer )

Well we can not escape the feeling as its in all of us whether we want to admit it. Now my trip is been all about fear, fear of having to change a tyre, fear of getting robbed, fear crash,  fear of being lonely, fear fear fear I could bla bla all day, however I use theses emotions of fear to  thrive and reach my goals.
Everyday I wake up and am grateful the what I am doing, but something insides me wants more is it me being greedy to want more. No not really, is because I know I can reach for more and I have a whole lot more to give the everything I do. But there that Fear factor of the unknown....

People tell me all the time that I am brave and travelling on my own, and they openly admit they would never have the balls to do it. But when someone tells me I am so used to being life the way it is atm, and I just go with it. We all need to use FEAR of things to our advantage as it will create opportunity for better ourselves.
I will be honest my big fear is being open with feelings, I am pretty open in my life but when the word Feelings come into play PER-ching-- I am gonnnneeee, But (so many buts) I am learning to deal with the 'fear' and use it to thrive in my life.

My Next fear is Perth bound... we shall just leave it at that.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Time is a word to me, which is nearly as powerful as the word Love.
Time is defined as the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another..

Some people think I have too much time on my hands and due take my vivid daydreams and lack of human contact. Which I dont think is the case. Many of us don't spend enough time on our owns to get to really know ourself. Which I am doing, We are too busy worrying about being a alone and running out of time, that we dont stop and enjoy the moment of the current time.

Time is a word used for anything really, excuses, setting dates for things,  our fear etc.... I think u all get my drift.

To me I have learnt that our life is not here for ever and our time does run out, but why not make the most of our time that we have and enjoy life.  I am starting to tstop making those excuses related to time and making the time to do those things.

Its funny because I never thought of the word 'time' could be so meaningful and powerful as the word 'love'. But it is if u really think about it. 

I beleive I have started using my time better and I using it to do the things I want to do before time runs out. 
Some one asked me the other day 'if I  was bored yet?' Now how could one answer that without giving a smart answer. so I did not reply. My life is not boring, we choose the things we do in life and if that makes us bored then we need to change them. I was bored in coffs harbour and this is why I am doing this adventure. The only time I was bored is driving a 90mile straight road on my own (and u can only sing, talk to urself and day dream soo much)  So I am not bored because I am using this time to explore and see knew things that make  my life smile and shine. 

I know dont how many people read this blog, but please still enjoy the time u do to  reading this, but also think about the other things that u wish to do in life and start doing them before that time is up.

Bunbury Town

1 wk down another 2 go

This week I did not get lost going to work, which is amazing as 1 out 3 office is not bad  3rd time lucky I  guess. People are nice and friendly had some awesome laughs. and the town is nice and beachy and great sunsets however one issues its a bogan of all bogan towns. I just cant desrcibe it but Bogan.

The week has gone so fast, Soon as of next wkend I will be in perth in a house, soooo exciting.

I have nejoyed not having to drive to work, and the morning walks and afternoon walks home are amazing... SUNSETS in hte ocean is magical everrytime. just like on the east the sunrises are magical

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vinny the Boozey Van

Well after 10days of adventure 6spent driving from a to z, weeing on my self 2 twice because of the wind on the nulla, nearly loosing the fuel game, after 3040.2km, massive amounts of singing, getting drunk  @ farm station, getting smashed on a wine tour  and being high on sugar for 10days and turning vinny into a boozy van I have made it to bunbury.

Yes the driving was hell but I have ticked it off the to do list and feel in love with southern coast of W.A busselton and yalligunup (not sure if that how u spell it) and just the sunsets are amazing.

So I am setting up for my 2 weeks in bunbury and learnt that I  have come to my true sense and turned vinny into a boozy van with 4 bottles of wine  3 bottles of passion pop, and newly bought shot glass (note to self: dont buy things when smashed on a wine tour, u forget till the next day)

Yesterday saw me going on a Wine tour with BUSHTUCKER TOURS, omg is highly recommended had a great day, step out of the comfort zone again as u do, with going on it along, but at the end of the day we were all friends and giggling n carrying on, did not realise how drunk I was till  hung over kicked in @ 2pm this morning..... ouchy.... but today was another smll drive to bunbury as I come back to reality as I have to work tomz. I WILL GO TO THE RIGHT OFFICE!!!

Only 2 weeks then its perth bound... wow how time is going fast, staying at a caravan park opposite the beach which will get my morning walk before i ride my bike to work, as its short as coin on fueloits....

After the 10days I have enjoyed every moment of it and cant wait till I hit the Kimberley's lol

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sugar Sugar n more Sugar

Well I am starting to loose track of total time and the only way i know wat day it is because we lost big time.

My body is starting to hate me as all I am eating in the car is lollies, chocolate, n more lollies n chocolate, I even bought biscuts and apples to try and stop it all, but OMG I can understand why some truckies take drugs to keep them going... When ur on ur own and on a deadline, yes and when u say something outloud ur vocie sounds kinda werid because its been silent for sooooooooo long...

Well today was another long massive drive in the wet, lots of rain, just hope for some sunshine when i get to margaret river or bunbury, everything is getting wet n staying wet. Today was a bit of a shaky moment, water had wash the dirt away from the road so if u went off it, it was like going off a gutter and going  80km/hr it was not cool, if I was going any faster thing could have been a lot worse. and no I was not texing or on the phone I was eating a red snake Gotta love ur ALLANS LOLLIES..

But I did a drive by in Albany and my god I feel in love, even thoUgh it was wet, but I could see how amazing it would be in the summer or even jsut when it was not wet, tonite I found BIG 4 in denmark, massive place, from the front looks bit hows ya father, but on the other side, its green lush and the amenties are pretty schmick..

Another day tomz of lollies n more lollies and singing really should have bought some blank cd's today but I was more worried about buy new undies because I dont want to wash and I am all out. I have learnt I need more undies they gone missing and u can only wear the one lpair twice. Well tomz I am not sure of my location but it will be for 2 days and gonig to find myself a madd wine tour to loosy drunk before I hit reality of working life

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lucky Bay

So for the last 2 days I have just chillaxed in the middle of nowhere in a national park at a placed called Lucky Bay, now another palce of histroy where Matthew flinders ancored as it was sheltered..

This spot in summer would a gold mind for swimming n camping, just amazing as the sun was out for a bit, I got my backpack packed for of goodies n lunch and off I was, I walked along the beach for good 2km walk maybe more, then it was up n over the mt to check out the other side... now I was sun back when walking dont let ur white white belly in the sunshine, it does get pink lol
But the weather weather was turning for the not so good, and I had already walked in rain n got soaked up so I sat n had my lunch and enjoy the peacfulness of natural beauty its just amazing, then I head back down the mt through the running waterfall and then had afternnoon tea at the base of the mt on the rocks as the waves were crashing

Back along the beach exploring in the seaweed finding lots of rope n fishing line and i even picked up  a fishing knife for when I Start that fishing.. lol 

Made it back to camp and my body still all out of wack I found myself sound asleep at 7.30pm and this morning it was pissing down and I was all wet n just wanted a hot shower n to chilax a bit more, so here I am hot showered up, shaven legs, (needed to feel lady like), washed hair (feel sexy) and dry bed and cuppa tea did the trick... 

Tomz will see me on another big let to Albany, nearly at my final destination.............

day 4: Fraser range to Cape Le Grand National Park

Well today we were all feeling sorry for ourseleves as last nite was toasty of warm fires n more wine.

But I was off and it was time to hit the road again, a couple kate and patrick had a lil boy Gus who was 2 we all got to feed the lambies, but lil Gus had the call of the day as soon as he saw the lamb he yells 'LOOK CAMELS!!!' bahaha priceless

It was a late start but I was off and trotting along, no day dreaming as someone was too dusty and the drive to esperance which should have been short turned out to be long as I was sleeping on the side of the road every 1hr... But noneless I made it to esperance got some food supplies and headed bush

After 3days of no repcetion my phone was off tap, but as I was heading to Cape Le grand national park my phone service would be gone again.. It was late monday when I arrived and the weather was not great, but the water and sand looked amazing I set up camp, and so did another couple which I had a cuppa with. As we were all gonig to brave the weather out..

day 3: Mundabrilla to Fraser range station

I woke to the sunrise which was amazing as my 'bodyclock' was saying u have slept in which it was only 5.30 W.A time. But today was another long day of Driving.. something different, I was driving into the headwind so my 80km/hr will be just nice.

Now ur in the middle of bum fuck (that wat its called from now on) and you are at a road house that sells fews and the next one is like 200km away can some please tell me why they will not have air to pump ur tyres up ? Go figure.

Big tez has not been the same since he nearly rang out of juice So i gave him treat of Oil which gave me a bit more of a tug tug. Today's drive was a bit more eventful. I went up a hill and even round a corner.

Yesterday I had found 6 new but old cd's i put into the player but that soon lost its charm and my singing over not getting any better, so the day dreaming started again (mind u I was driving another 600km of straightness) today I was in special undercover work for a massive drug bust. I was hiding out chilling in sawtell when the 'mob came looking for me, and I was at my waterhole 'sawty pub' which turned in a open fire war zones, trying not to blow my cover shooting the badies to do a drop off secret location......

Well relaity someone need fuel, so I been doing drive bys to see how much fuel is at each station worst I saw today was $2.01 OMG killing me arent u, keep on driving boys....

Well I stopped at a place called cocklebidedie and  'Big Tez, Vinny the Van, Hannah Pineapple' was giving a certificate saying we have driven across the nulla, the boys did good but still more driving..

Now if u ever see a sign on the nulla that say 'Blowhole' stop and read the sign before driving because retards like my sef drove around in 4wd with vinny in tow looking for this 'blowhole' I ended up back east of the blowhole turn off  grrrrr!!!! So I went back and read the sign and OMG  it was 2metres from the bloody highway, loser that I am was thinking it was on the ocean (not really many ppl would think that)

I stopped at another servo I was out of chocolate, chewy n lollies, the music was killing me (heard it a thousand times) as I was sending a tex to via payphone to mother to say I am still alive, I talked to this chick about which direction she was going.. did not think anything of and keep driving... All day this I load  kept over taking me and we were waving each other on and as I got to Fraser range station they had pulled up on front of me.

Whoever travels the nulla MUST stay at FRASER RANGE STATION (best so far)
Well the 2 girls Phebie and Angela were driving across to Perth as well, and on a massive road trip too, we were al in the camp kitchen at there was a fire and it was all stoked up and very  warm n cosy, the girls had the red wine going and before long we were all maggot talking shit and sharing stories with another 2 couples, it was like 11am freezing outside and we all had a big drive to do, we called it a  night...

Bloody great time a Fraser range we feed the lambies and just a great place to stay. the girls decided to stay on another night,

day 2: Ceduna to Mundabrilla

Well today was the day that I would actually make it onto the Nulla,
After a eventful night in Ceduna  with fireworks and lots of rain, it was time to  hit the road again..

Today was about 560km, and OMG yes the road is long n straight n boring, however I did make myself entertained with my day dreaming coming back sorry guys those who know 'Gorge' has not come back, ever since that stony passion  pop afternoon he has never come back. (another day for that story)
Now before I hit the nulla stories, Vinny met his triplets. for the first time since I have left I saw 2 other Flite jayco's OMG I was a bit stoked, and so were the other couples, lol I did meet a lovely couple from Queensland that gave me some tips along the way.

Well as my singing grew old (i really was tired of listening to me toned deaf voice) and swearing at all the car and trucks that would not wave I started day dreaming  today day dreaming was falling in love and getting married at my 30th I even had a black tie theme party in a big marquee as I do like to have a party which then saw me surprising everyone to sit in a garden for the ceremony... that soon stopped when I saw a bra blowing in the trees, made me think if that where my 2 went from newcastle

I was not going to run out of fuel today so every station that was under 1.90 I put a few bucks in here and there, got to the boarder and had to raise  up vinny for Quaatine check.. I just don't get it, i come n leave NSW  to Queensland but there is not station to stop and do a search.. HELLO SAME COUNTRY  different station.

After I crossed the boarder I gained 2hrs and it was like 2pm, so I thought to myself lets just do another 60km to the next town, but lil did I think, but as soon as I passed Eluca no phone service and my lil budget was sitting in another account that I was needing to transfer money... 'heart attack' but 50cents got me a phone call to CBA and transfer funds lol another pfftttt.

I stayed at this roadhouse which OMG something u get out of the movies in the middle of bumfuck, but my  another fellow travellers were lovely but that Westley wind was blowing a gale.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fuel game no more

Today I was up nice and early a 12hr sleep does that to u, must have been tired as I am tonite as well.

Another glorious sunrise and the boys and myself were off to get to Ceduna from P.A. Everything started of well and the flinders ranges reminded me off Alice and magic of the sunrise and the red dirt.. just sensational..
Once we past all the pretty redness the road was kinda boring, but I did enjoy the drive, stopped into a town
called Wudinna not sure how it is pronounced but i am think WOO-DINNER... now this drive got me there on half a tank which was more than 210km, which is the distance from wudinna to ceduna. So I was like yeah I can make it too Ceduna with the other half...............

WELL  wasn't I wrong... I have played to fuel game a fews  times this trip but nothing can compare to this round. Now I have not pushed Tezh so far to see how he goes but please Hannah on a trip like this baahaha.

I was 50kms out of Ceduna and the fuel light came on.. Then my heart started racing and mind u it was 25degrees outside we quite warm. I was trying to do calculations in my head if I would make it... and hand started sweating, So the aircon went off, the radio went off and the wind is blowing in my face from outside

The marker was moving closure to the E and it was 10km down 40km to go, then the pep talk started come on tez, I am sorry I am putting u through this, but please don't stop keep going, (now those who have not done this trip 40km to ceduna = nothing but road and the odd driveway)

My Mind was thinking I might have to right my bike to a petrol station, 40km with no gears omg noooo

27km to go and I started singing song 'go tez go' 'if u can't do it no one can'

My driving got down to 60km/hr and car are over taking and staring at me....

then the count down was on 10.5km, 10.3km, 10, 9.5km etc..... Then I found a petrol station put 10bucks in till I found Coles to get a discount and fill up...

My trip for that day that started to get boring ended up being action packed, Adrenalin pumping afternoon,,

made it to Ceduna, and looking for caravan parks and went bush for one and though my car broke, But ended up in town a nice looking one with the jetty and water behind me.

Tomorrow I seem to be doing another 490km, but I will def fill up along the way so there is not another repeat

one thing DEAR Sanata, can u please send me some jerrycans for the next road trip, and xmas in July this is...