vinny and big tez

vinny and big tez
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let the Driving begin

Just want u all to know this is the 3rd time I am typing this blog because the computer keeps crashing

Well it was time to big Adelaide farewell and start the next adventure of my trip the Nulla, however I must say it was hard to packed this morning as I think Adelaide has won my heart over, its beitween RAD and Melbs, Also last nite i was in bed by 8 as my sleepy lil eyes would not stay awake....

So I was all packed and off I went up to  Clare, oh what a amazing drive, acres of grape wines , lush green paddocks and old storying telling buildings in the middle of paddocks. such a typical winters day rainy and wooly in Clare.

As I was heading closure to P.Augutter it was getting warmer n warmer top of 23degrees, but I before i got to P.A i was looking for a pinci stop for lunch but could not find one, then  I keep driving and needed a wee stop, and all the rest areas dont have toilets, but it was crunch time and I stopped at the next rest area and found a tree, but OMG it was where every dom dick and harry had been but with Toilet papper and poos, (dont they know to shake and dry) But my wee snuck back up very quickly (weee fright) so I sucked it up and drove too P.A it was onky 20min (sometimes when u gotta go u gotta go) i made it

Checked into p.a carvan park lucky I became a member bloody through the roof the prices and saw my budget blown on the first day. Not to worry back up was on hand.

Old nanna that I am, whom has not ahd much sleep in the last 3 nights, found herself having a afternoon nanna nap take took me through till 6.30pm... woweeee, well ladies and gents Tomorrow is a new day and another day of driving.

The Whole wkend not wasted

Well we can pretty much Right all of saturday off.............

But Sunday I can say was a  eventful day.. Got up nice and early did my chores (which were meant to be done on sat) Then I picked up Heidi and off we went to Harndorf (the german town in Adeliade) Which was pretty cool, went to this pub for Lunch and lucky I did not have any breaky because OMG  massive burgers, hotdogs, schenzils u name it everything was large.

We pop our head into this cute candle shop, but also inside was theses tiny handcrafted wooden xmas decorations all the way from southern germany in a lil village. The art work and detail in each one was just amazing.

Then we were off to Melbas chocolate factory - yummy got a few goodies to get me through my trip.......... but I ate them before I left hehe as you do.

After Melbas we went to the Worlds Largets Rocking Horse.. it was pretty cool, I got to climb all the way to the top, great view then I went and sat on the mini one 2 biggest kids at the park was heidi and myself.

The day had been amazing so far the sun was shining and we had been on lots of lil adventures, but the final adventure for RAD was the church hunt so off we went and made our way back home and stopped and took pics of as many churches that we could find...

I think Rad has won me over so far, its  a toss up between RAD and MELBS but then next chapter is beginning

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Night out in RAD

Well ladies and gents, 

Now I know some of u are thinking about how a 26 young yr old would meet guys and bring them back to the Vinny, well so far Vinny has had no action since I left on the road, sooooo it may have all changed....

I thought it was time to go out and see the night life of Adelaide which I got as far as the Casino. which was a rocking night called it a night at 6.15am in the morning, my shirt came home pink from red wine spilt everywhere, and I have not had a all nighter in such a long long time, which involed in people buying us bottles of wine and the polishing of 6bottles, getting cut off and ask to leave as yes the sun was rising..

Lets just say the rest is history....... Only 4 nights left then its time to start the journey of the Nulla

one week wonder

Well my week back home went Quicker than u could blink,
I went through floods and lots of rain, to sunshine and lovely weather.was .

I believe it was a good trip to make me feel if its the place i want to go back to and live or find a new place to start fresh after my trip.  Which I feel at this stage find a new palce.

But I did get to see my cute lil nehpew who is just growing up soooo quickly.... I even spent time with my friends and family which was alway lovely. But all weeks come to a end and I turned 26 and it was time to fly back to RAD to complete the 2 half of the year.

More flight daramas with crazy crazy weather but all is good and swinging back in the Van

Friday, June 10, 2011

the Aeroplane Trip Strikes again

Well Thursday arvo was seeing me catching the plane to Sydney before the coffs journey today.

I have a theory when I check in on line, I look for a few things,
1. where are the free seats (so i dont have to sit nex to anyone)
2. aisle seat so I can stretch my legs.
3. middle of plane.

Well i don't know if this is working in my favour or wat... but 2 from 2 plane trips now I have sat next to some guys, which  i must say have been more than interesting. It also reminded me of the good old 3 degrees of separation and there is always a way of knowing a friend of a friend, so I be catching up with him when I get to RAD....d

Aunty jo and john came to pick me up and for dinner we went to a pub and ended up have one 2 many bottles of wine, which I have not drunk for over 8weeks, so the head was a lil dusty yesterday morning. But we were up and at it.

It was the first time I have walked across the Sydney harbour bridge, and into the rocks down to myers and done a lil shopping. I have to admit I have never really like Sydney as I get flustered and dont enjoy myself, However yesterday i saw a different side of Sydney and the history each building has is amazing, the stories it tells.

I do think that us a Australian and our visitors need to have more pride in our harbours and beaches, because I took a picture of the rubbish floating in the water at Circular key. DISGRACEFUL. Not hard to put something in the bin, or if it blows away run after, who cares if u look like a dick, least ur putting it in the right place.

The morning was not a cloud in the sky but by the time we were catching the ferry to Manly, the weather had turned and someone who was wearing thongs and light cardie n singlet was not feeling the warmth, But Jo and I went to the pub Steyne hotel and had some lunch by the fire, watch the madd swell on the horizon, but for the clamness in on the beach of the water was amazing... then it time to head back and get ready for dinner.

I was catching up with a friend and we walked all the way from nth Sydney along the bridge again to China town, my gosh it was a walk.. but the nite was great, the light show on the opera house was great and the fire show... Chinatown was great good food.

That was my time in Sydney now its time for me to take my flight home and enjoy life just a little bit more than I am now.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your never too OLD...

The great thing about caravan parks, is every day or 2 you are always meeting new people. This week I meet a lovely couple (which i didn't seem to get their names) but they are still travelling in the caravan around oz and they are in their 80's Mind you that do not look at all in their 80's. They just made me take a good look at life itself, that who cares how old u are, too young, as long as ur out their having a crack.
They a the pure evidence to show that age does not matter, its what in your head that matters,
if you think your old, then you act old. SIMPLE  really

You have a look around the people you see and meet and you will soon.

I am also reading a book from Clare which is a hard one to get into but its all about life and philosophy. good great, great Quotes, which has also lead for me to come to the realisation that this adventure is all about personal growth and massive SOUL searching... sometimes I do have too much time to think but other times I am just enjoying the ride.

I don't if its the book I am reading or a mixtures of things but I have taken a few step forwards in terms of finding a career path and taking  advice of the old generation whom i respect (most of the time) as they have ready been there done that, and can give adivce on their experiences to aid us younger ones in our path..

I bidded farewell to my tram buddies only for the wk, but still i look forward to my morning tram ride. Then last nite i packed up old big tez n vinny boy. Wlwhich I got lost again looking for the storage place, once upon a time I had great sense of direction, but I feel that relying in tom tom too much leads you in the wrong direction. However I made, I was running on schedule but it kinda went out of whack, but hey oh well.....

I officially own a suitcase again which mind u chocablock full... Off to Sydney I go then Coffs Harbour Town on Saturday...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Durry Muncher Plague

Well I have to say I could easily pack up and move to glenlg, its one of the pretty spots in Adelaide.

Has a path that runs along the beach for KM's which on Saturday I was on my bike and down the track to Glenlg Jetty, Sitting in the sun reading my book. And I caught up with Chris from Alice which was nice and went for a long walk back to the caravan to prove to him that it will be more than a work out for one person lol... who was Right AHAHA yup me thats right...

So the whole week must have worn me out because Friday nite I feel asleep sitting in on my lil at 8 o'clock and then out like a light, lucky I went for my big bike ride on Saturday,

Sunday today saw more with another day out and caught up with Heidi from work, we were going to have a coffee at glenlg and then the markets, which totally did not happening, the clouds came over and I was tossing up should i ride to Glenelg or drive, Driving was the choice as when I got there the wind was blowing a gayle and we decided to just go into the city and see the markets we caught the tram, we got off to check out this group of ppl with bands and looked cool, but when we got there, there were ppl standing around doing nothing until we realised it was a protest again the carbon tax.... PASSSSS.  When we got the where the markets were ment to be... they were not on, so Heidi suggested we go to a Chocolate Cafe, Called Chocolate bean...... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

There was so must to choose from but we shared a plate called CHOCOLATE FILTH- which came with a slice of DEATH by CHOCOLATE CAKE, 2shots of white chocolate soup, 2 shots milk chocolate soup, a shot of cream, shot of chocolate moose, strawberries in chocolate and drizzle of chocolate all over.... OMG yummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy but i must say i did not eat for the rest of the day, and the last shot of soup was like I was out in the pub and the round of shots were out and u were that drunk you knew it was going to go down like a killer, and had the water ready... BUT i did it and wow, its was great at the time, but my gym session for the next 3 days will be burn burn burn that off.....

The observationist that I am  I have noticed there is a plague in Adelaide in the world of Durry munchers, I dont think I have even been in the city where ppl a standing and walking everywhere with the durry in their hands. For me who does not smoke I would notice smokers in cities, but the here in Adelaide it crazy they are just about every 5m i am like a zig zagger lucky i have not got done for J walking...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I braved public transport to work and made it

Well this morning was a early start wasn't it, 4.45am and then off to the tram, then from the tram to the gym by 6am, then work....
But it was the greatest morning by far.. I met 2 blokes on their way to work which helped me with the tram and which stop to get off... and as the tram was 20min, we had a good old yarn.... and they even thought i was 20....

Which I came to the realisation that in 20 days I will be 26, mean closer to 30, but for some reason I have this sense of calmness over me, I have let go of things that were bring me down and i was holding on too.... and I just feel refreshed

I must say going to the gym and being up at early did help my soul, felt soooooooo goood.

Then I was off on my way to work and smelling of vingar as it leaked onto my work shirt, but bit of cleansing didn't hurt either...I also learnt how to poach eggs in the mircowave and DAM  i was impressed with myself as they were goood, better than i thought,

Then I was on tram home and Life is great, funny how the littlest things can make life that whole much better..

Not long till I fly home...... 10sleeps