vinny and big tez

vinny and big tez
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Friday, October 18, 2013


Well Woofie Chrissy and I were sitting on their back deck, when I spotted a lil baby bird.
we picked up me up and he was oh sooo tiny. Put him in a box and gave him some food.

I was going to keep him, MANGIE MANGO and I were going to be best of buddies and he would talk and repeat what I say. and be life long friends.

Chrissy got him all set up ready for him and I to hit the road, I even had a syringe to feed him. he was the cutest lil guy.

We left Isa,  I didnt  I could drive any slower but I did, because I didn't want to frighten MANGIE MANGO. our first stop together was Julia Creek.
I was sitting out the front of the visitors centre feeding Mangie Mango when are couple came up to me and said 'your that young girl that was in lake arygle traveling on your own' I said yes that is me. it was weird because I didnt actually speak to them. they were intrigued about lil Mangie, I explained how we found him and rescued him. and that was that.

Mangie and I have now became quite good friends and we were headed for Hughendon for the night. So of we went driving just as slowly as ever. when we got to the dinosaurs and checked them out before setting up camp for the night. now we were all set up for a nice night.

Let says I have learnt another lesson in life when it comes to birds. Lets say my track record since I was a teenager was not very good. and Mangie and I were going to change things,

Mangie was tucked up in his bed, with fresh water and blanket, I Put him on the bench to sleep, then I went to  sleep. I woke the next day to find Mangie no longer. The temperature dropped lots that night  and remember how I said my track record was not very good, I placed him on the bench (bench as n stainless still kitchen sink bench) and being a baby bird and cold at night he needed to keep warm. Then we all know what happens. lets say Mangie burial was in the garbage bin and my drive to Townsville was long and lonely, it was back to talking to myself and swearing at ppl who dont wave at me when I go past them.

 Mangie our 48hours together was awesome. just added to the trip.

Heading to the ISA

Well today was another long long day. I was actually crossing the boarder from NT to QLD..............
Whoooo another time Zone, pretty sure I just went from WA, to NT and now QLD.... you getting jet lagged cause I was starting too, but I am on holidays so it doesn't really matter

I crossed the boarder with flying colours, no food inspectors but there was a cop station. I decided to pull up at road side for a break, and man didnt I feel small, well so did vinny and biz tex, parked next to this big thumping huge RV caravan... its was schmick, leather lounges they were living the dream.

But so am I, I have vinny the van and biz tez and that was enough. when they left all felt better and I Tuckered into some musk sticks and heading on my way.

Mining towns have this feel and smell and a sense of life is different, This was my first time when I got to Mt Isa, and was lucky enough to stay with Woofie n Chrissy. I even showed Woofie how to reverse Vinny into the yard.

Then I went on a tour of the town and the mining sites. AMAZING it such a different world out there and till you go out there, no one can explain just how amazing it is out there. We went to Woofie work and I got to stand up again one of the big big big dump trucks, its was sooo good. Kyle did warn me that I am female and new to mt isa, guys will stare... ahahah I got a lil scared.

Then we went out to the Dam and this is where many spend the time off. Looks like fun. after I had the grand tour its was DRINK O CLOCK.

We went home and Chrisys was there and even bossie came for a drink. It was a nice way to see the ISA...

Then we found................ MANGU

Barkley Homestead

Well, this could be weird as I am typing this now Oct 18th 2013, pretty much nearly 2 years on from my trip. I stopped blogging online, as to why I am not sure. But today I decided I would finish my trip in my own words.

Lat time I blogged I was in Renner Springs in the NT. I woke up early with a little dusty hang over, however today was a short day I headed to the Barkley Homestead which is east of Threeways. once I turned off at Threeways I was heading east which meant getting close to the east coast.

There is just something about the Territory which I cannot put into words how are ease I am with the outback and the chilled life it can be.

I made it Barkley homestead got set up and was ready to relax for the rest of the afternoon and thought I might dip in the pool. HOLY MOLY THE POOL WAS COLD AS ICE, Quickly got out and was going to sit on my chair and watch the world go by when I could smell smoke. Then having a mini heart attack as i have never really been near a bush fire 50 m from and mind you the Barkely homestead has petrol station,
I ran out the front and its was wild they were back burning and the wind pick up and the fire  raced across the rd, lucky this time it was past the homestead.......

this resulted in a drinking session. I went back to vinny started having chats with the neighbours then heading inside to the homestead. UMMMM HELLO why was I know in there early the guy that was running the place, hottie, cuttie farmer boy. so I sat at the bar have a few cidars then an old mate sat down and starting buy me more cidars, after 3 cidars from him it was time to run,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stuart Hwy!!!

Another great morning, sun is rising later but it was a day of pure Stuart Hwy and  the pure bliss of  NT...

Yes another early start as I am doing about 480km a day which doing 80okm/hr equal bloody long time driving. First Stop was Matarankka a little place just south of katherine with these magiacl tropical springs. in hte middle of the desert.
Someone told me that they dont think australia has the instance change of landscape... now this is one location that does exactly that leave the hwy drive 10km east and BOOM tropical hot springs.. just a nice way to cool down after rigging up the boys... but pretty sure there was soooo many km to still complete,

Next stop Daly water hotel.... WOW the coolest pub going, has so much charatcer the cards, and photos of tourists dropping in, just a tippcal aussie pub, just like in the movies... after walking around staring at the amazment of hte pub it was time again, Renner Springs is calling my name.

Drove through the down Elliot before hitting Renner SPrings, another great roadhouse with a bar, I thought I was the only one, but I pulled in and meet my neighbours ken and sobion and 2 men driving on their own. We all ended up at the bar havea few and then having dinner together, and getting kicked out at 11am.... It was just one of those great nights , where 5 strangers all come together and share their stories and adventures of life and travels, it ws just a great nite,


Today I set out to cross the boarder to NT....
I have left myself 7 days to drive 2700kms inorder to get to townsville in time for my flight to brisvegas... Push it just a tad,
But none the less I was off to get Katherine and as long as I got there in time for the league GF i didnt care.
So I was off and not long I was across the boarder and I passed a few signs within 100m of each other
1: Max speed limit in NT is 110km/hr
2. Speed limit 130km/hr
3. Speed cameras and red light cameras are used through NT (hello I am in hte middle of bum fuck, i have not seen traffic lights since perth maybe) Our taxes going to unneeed signs...

However all my memories came running back of how much I love the NT... before long i driving parrael with the victoria River ..... its was the most amazing thing, to my right was the dry desert looking place and on the left was this lush green river banks running deep water and the sourrounding were just incredible with the colours.....  It was like this most of my way to Katherine,
When i got to katherine I skimmed a few c.parks now do not stay at the Top tourists as the Admin lady needs to find some bloody manners and  maybe if a smile her sour face, I was sstraight back out the door and down the road all because of her attitude.. but I rocked up to dodgy looking c.park but  1. it only was $15bucks and 2. it was great. Rushed set up so I could get to the Golfy to hav some cidars and watcht the footy....

Wasnt this a experince... Having a few on my own started chatting to some fellas, and one omg was a not the ordinadary bloke... ask me to go see 'his mango orchards' and then say its not like wolfe creek "ALARM BELLS" get the hell away from me, and before that told me' how he would like to be in renner springs when looking blonde girl rocks up............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh run run nowww... lucky I had my other mate Marcas there, he was good chap living his dream worknig for nt gov as sport and rec, travelling around dealing with sport... love it...

Soon after gf was finished I waited and made sure Mango orchard man gone and I went back to the c.park before it was another big day.. RENNER SPRINGS

Lake Argyle

Well I was off and I could not pass the opporunity to head to lake argyle. Everyone I had talked to was its a must, even if its just for the pool...

I was like well i better go and check this pool out lol

When I got there it was a happen place... Lil store with fucel,cabins and the caravan parks, and OMG THE POOL..... it was one of those never ending pool just amazing, and it over looked the lake. so instead of 2 nights in katherine I have chosen to spend 2 nights at lake argyle and go on a sunset tour..

3 in the afternoon I was off on my tour with my fellow grey nomands, Now this is one place you must go and visits. I have place it on my lists of australia 7 wonders.. The amount of water, how far stretch it is the Fauna its just a amazaing, with the smoke around the sunset  it was just magical and erry as I dove into the fresh water sourrounded by 35000 freshies.... and not seeing the bottom the feel was bit scary, but I did it. there was this one lady who kept jumping in and then out and in and out.... So i started singing' Never smile at a crocidile, dont be taken in by his welcome grin' ahahahha that really did not make mattes better...

After our swim, the bubbles were pop and we were merry on our way back to camp, Which I went over and had dinner with some fellow nomads... and I have to say they were the most passionate CATS supporters ever... 

The next day saw me set off on a 5 km hike to the homestead, my gosh that was some hotness, 38 degrees @ 9 am in the morning.... whoooo get your water... Once I returned I was in the pool chillaxing before I went in and watch the Cats win the GF for 2012.... and this was a nite that I had another dinner date with Bill and Ally, and gotta say it was my fave dish of all...... Silver side and white sauce with vegies... whooooo yum yum.... Good meal for a early start to hit the road.

Lake arygle was great I caught up with people i started talking to ata free camp wayne and elaine and you just never know when we may cross paths again.......

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today was a day of Action packed Adventure around Kununara. as I said before the sunrises around 4.30, so I rise when the sun rises and I was up and at it.

I went for a mini hike to the Hidden Valley and the peacefulness and beauty of the colours are just amazing, then I was off to learn about Sandalwood (yuck) gotta say it was the most groses smell then I was off to Ivanhoe crossing not sure of its history there but still pretty cool and this guy caught a Massive barra. then I was like oh better get back its getting late... but it was only bloddy 10.30am in the morning and I have done sooooo much,  POOL had my name on it thats for sure.

Speaking of the caravan park, on my chillaxing day, a lady come up and started chatting, asking if I am ok and what I am doo all that jazz then we got more talking and found out she is a mother of a friend I went to skool with.... (SMLL world) crazy, As everyone convienced me to stay out at Lake Argyle tonite was my last nite in Kun so I went up to Kelly's Knob to watch the sunset.

I  totally can not get enough sunsets and sunrises they just make life feel a whole lot better, and for those who have not been in the outback the red vast ruggeredness and green lushness of the tropical parts is just the most spectaluar breath taking views.... just words can not decribe....