vinny and big tez

vinny and big tez
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stuart Hwy!!!

Another great morning, sun is rising later but it was a day of pure Stuart Hwy and  the pure bliss of  NT...

Yes another early start as I am doing about 480km a day which doing 80okm/hr equal bloody long time driving. First Stop was Matarankka a little place just south of katherine with these magiacl tropical springs. in hte middle of the desert.
Someone told me that they dont think australia has the instance change of landscape... now this is one location that does exactly that leave the hwy drive 10km east and BOOM tropical hot springs.. just a nice way to cool down after rigging up the boys... but pretty sure there was soooo many km to still complete,

Next stop Daly water hotel.... WOW the coolest pub going, has so much charatcer the cards, and photos of tourists dropping in, just a tippcal aussie pub, just like in the movies... after walking around staring at the amazment of hte pub it was time again, Renner Springs is calling my name.

Drove through the down Elliot before hitting Renner SPrings, another great roadhouse with a bar, I thought I was the only one, but I pulled in and meet my neighbours ken and sobion and 2 men driving on their own. We all ended up at the bar havea few and then having dinner together, and getting kicked out at 11am.... It was just one of those great nights , where 5 strangers all come together and share their stories and adventures of life and travels, it ws just a great nite,

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