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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting about Adeliade

Well yesterday I got to have a sleep in no rush to get anywhere, and I got to get my chores done, Well I did my washing bit of spring cleaning, after a having the most amazing sleep, U know when bee away and its like no place like your own bed, well my  bed in vinny clean and dry was just that...

Then I was off to see if i can find my way around the city and the gym and work, and the place where I was to park... omg its a bit nervous but as I was on my way home i happen to find myself in HARBOURTOWN... to do food shopping lol and I ended up walking round the whole place, must say not as good as goldy one, but  it was nice to just wonder around the shops, Then I came back to and sat in the sun and read the paper... life was bliss....

Today i was awake at the crack of dawn, and nerves were setting in, as I did not want to go to the wrong office... ahah but guess what i ended up at the wrong office again... i really should not make a habbit of this lol... but I have managed to get past the first day nerves and will be back for round 2.......... a bonus is I am off to the GYM and get back into it....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have arrived to RADELIADE........

Well ladies n gents I have officially made it to radelaide, after long long days of driving and wet n more wetness....

But today I am so excited to have made it and the park its awesome, and sooooo many tourists which is even better.
Robetown was lovely had some awesome points and history, There were so many shipwrecks along the coastal shores that we never learn about at school. Theses shipwrecks are part of the creation these townships. I just loved the last couple of days, and if i planned better would have more time to get to radelaide, but now that I have made it, I am so glad that I can sleep in knowing that I don't have to get up and rush off anywhere or have to drive for that matter....

I have to say a few towns I stopped in and then past some ppl on the road I had my doubts of how many rednecks live in South Aust. As this town everyone had mullets with shaved heads and theses mad moushaces... and i was like omg please..... It was quite funny really

But must admit this t/a store had a Quote picture
1. CHALLENGE: Create the trail, don't follow the path

I thought it was rather meaningful,
then i read my daily Quote calender and it said 'He has achieved success, who has lived well, laughed often and loved much'

Which was another good one

I am going to potter at the beach, doing some washing, food shopping normal life chores, and even find my way to work, so I don't have a mishap like Hobart.... ahah too funny...

Best thing bout staying here is i paid for 10 stay for 11, whooooo thats a extra $32bucks savings.... yeah boi...

OMG - Just have to share as I type this, my fellow camper next door, is pumping the music out which makes me feel like I am in the streets of Byron bay and listen to the buskers... or maybe its Indian music... i am not sure..... but he did not say hello to me when I Said hello too him....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fuel Game 2 round go to Hannah, 0 wins to Fuel Tank

Well it was another day of action packed driving and looking at spots along the coast, I have worked out on Thursday I drove 320km
Friday I drove 300km
Today Saturday I drove a massive leg of 424kms huge leg

But I have to say I have stopped and pottered around the place, after I left port Campbell i stopped along the way looking at all the natural landmarks our lovely country. Spoke to fellow travellers about their adventures. I must admits I am a little disgusted in toursit, the amount of rubbish and durry butts everywhere at each land mark is appalling, esp at the 12 apostles. how hard it is to respect our land, before u know they will be charging us to see the national parks just like they do in tassie. anywhoo  I got into warrnambool and wow the foreshore is great, I can see. my self there in summer chillaxing, then I was off to port fairy which is another lovely spot. now mind u  the weather was not the greatest it was wet raining, so my pottering was limited but great. The I went to Portland bay, AMAZING i could live there too, and they even have a lil tram ride for tourists to have a look around and it goes past peoples houses like a foot path... coolest thing, then I was like should I keep driving and i was like yeah there must be sun shine some where,.

Nelson is the last town in VIC before crossing over, to S.A which i took a pic... as I have never been to S.A
So off I went to to port McDonnell another] great coastal town, and some of the beaches and beach house would take gold a run for their money... But I was in the mind set to get going and make it to ROBE, which  I will potter around before making my final leg to Adelaide and chillxing on Monday before work on Tuesday..

Now mind u I have to VENT...  in tassie i cope road abuse due to NSW plates and tassie do not know how to merge over....

Well When I got into S.A if a car towing a caravan moves over the left more so, to allow the car behind u to pass, the car behind should not hesitate and not be afraid to cross onto the other side of the road, that's wat the broken dotted lines are for.... happened about 4times, and I put my lil blinker on  twice then off so they know..... but must be a truck thing. and just like trucks if u sitt up on a caravan ass even with my wide mirrors I can't see u and If i stopped suddenly god knows wat would have happened....

Anyway as u can see I can only yell out into the car to myself.... so u have to read it after.... lol

Another actioned packed day tomz, and No more fuel games, as I am up 2 and fuel tank 0, but I don't want it to win....

Friday, May 27, 2011

The G.O.R is amazing

Wow what a great sleep I had on the Boat, so good to sleep in a room with controlled tempauture and not have to sleep with layers n layers of clothes...

Off the boat nice and early know checking for flamables this time pffttt, and waited for Clare. We had a lovely a breaky and caught up on the last 6weeks, So good, but time was running away and I had to get going along the great ocean road.

I was soo excited and I still am about this next chapter, for some reason I am so oo oo excited. I got to Torquay and went to the outlets to find a girl i used to work with or live well drink with in buller crystal... so random but good,

Then I was off to Bells beach, can't not stop, and it was pissing down rain, but i got out of the car when to the viewing spot to take some pics then I was off again....

This stage is was pissing down harder and the view was not great it was still amazing, Lorne is cute town, but just outside if lorne the slippery roads were true to their slipperness, as a couple on a motorcycle went round the bend and came off, the guy was fine but the lady was not in a good way, and it was only fresh as no ambos.

Once I got past there i was crusing along chilling and enjoying the road and views, coming into Apollo Bay (now thats a cute beach town) I was gonig to find somewhere to nap but I could not find, so I kept on going, i forgot to say do not have fish n chips n Lorne (YUCK YUCK YUCK) worst ever.....

As i was out on the west side of Apollo you head inland for a while which is amazing i stopped at a viewing point ran up the hill to get the legs going, then i was back in the car till i reached

THE 12 APOSTLES....................

OMG wat another magical place in Australia.... the height of the cliffs, colour of the rocks, the waves, the view omg go on get your lists out again and put that on the 2 do some lists, spent time there, and took pictures for the forgeiners, just the thing i do, happens everywhere, but these were sexy european guys studying on exchange her, so really I was more than  to happy help... ;)

The I went to LORD ARD where a ship crashed and stuff, which is also amazing,  then it was time to get to Port Campbell as it as 5.30 getting dark, i was tired and I needed to set up.

Now PORT CAMPBELL HOLIDAY PARK, so far is the best carvan park I have stayed at so far. The camp kitchen (great), have lounges with TV comfortable, and the amenities a great too, I think its a new block but very well looked after.

I was all set up and wanted to just get a good pub feed, but in no luck as the was expeno in each spot and the pub more so, but I found a nice place , publike but not really, had some garlic prawns (yummy) and chilled with a glass of wine....

Now until tomz when the adventures begins again to finish the G.O.R

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farewell Tasmaina Hello Great ocean rd

Well yesterday was a amazing day, Woke up to the crisp morning air, sunrise with no clouds in the sky, Ice covering Vinny but I was up and add it packing up the life of Hannah and Gearing up for a long drive up the centre.

As I was leaving Hobart, the cops were on rads of cars, and on the other side of the road there was a caravan getting searched, so glad sooo sooo glad that was not me.

But I was off and driving along day dreaming about life and my next adventure and those who know 'Roger' he may have came in my day dream too (those who don't know roger, he is just my mystery man in my day dream.) ahahahh

Then I passed a train park where I played when i was on hockey tour back when I was 16, and bought back some awesome memories. oh the good old days

Once I made it to Launcestion, I picked up Beth and OMG has to reverse Vinny out of the centrelink car park, omg didn't I shit my self girl ou because the call centre windows u can see out real good, but I made it, Sent Beth a msg saying ' i am the out the front  thats everyone is staring at. lol But it was good to see her as its been like5 years, which was so nice to catch up and hear about each othes lives

The it was time to keep heading on to Devonport to catch the boat, which I stopped in a smll town called Westberry (i will have to confirm and get back to you on that) but had a great chat with the guy that owns the post office and Said his business if up for sale, so those who want to move to tassie and run a post office in a town of population 1000, go for it
I got onto the boat and checked into my room, sharing with another girl from Scotland but lives in the Flinders ranges, and to our lovely surprise we were greet with a used dommy wrapper and spare one, not sure what they were trying to imply, but good work house keepers. The difference in sleeping in the berth than the recliners omg 100% great nite sleep with some good pills to help with the rocking, and out like  a light.

Now I am sitting in port Melbourne waiting on Clare bear so we can have breaky and its off onto the great ocean road whooooooooooooo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Challenge of the Cards

Well today was my last day in Hobart and wasn't it a fresh start to the day, which turned out to be a awesome day. Kirsty from work made some amazing fresh scones with jam and cream... oh my yummy... Then I was gifted with some beautiful pictures of hobart and snow capped mt wellington and my fave Wine Glass Bay.

I have to admitt my time here has in all honestly been Quite Plesant minor the gastro and home sickness the smll adventures I went on and work was lovely as it felt like I was there forever

But as time goes on so does this adventure, I spent the nite with Adam and Katy watching the footy and seening the blues tough it out, but just could not hang onto it..

I have also got a lovely card from work which I think is funny as I am getting a collecting of cards which happen to be the same but with different lovely messsages, so the challenge is out to see how many cards I can get the same lol

Got a early start to pack up vinny boy and load him onto big tez and mozie my way up to the top to start my leg of the spirit of tasmainia....

Now just so my fellow readers I am plugging myself, but I have entered into TOAST OF A NATION vegemite compeition which I need you all to help vote for me, I could get my face on vegemite and some other prizes, (which i really dont know)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wine Glass Bay

Well ladies and Gentleman, yes you must put WINE GLASS BAY on your must do list, so get it out and wright it down....
I woke up nice n early had my eggs and I was off on my 2.5hrs drive to Coles bay which is the beginning of the national park, the day was going to be amazing,

Paid for my pass and Drove back to Coles bay, as it was $24.00 per car and can have up to 8 ppl or $12per person without car... So i was not paying $24.00 for my car, so i parked near the boat ramp and walked 4km along the beach and road till I got path for wine glass bay, Full of engery still i was gunning it up with hills, and then I puffed and there was a mutal puffing station which where I like to say i chatted to other fellow walkers, and the small world we live in strikes again, and ran into a couple from SAWTELL whom is a memeber of the Satwell Surf life Saving club.... such a smll world,
The great thing about this, is when u are rather home sick and you run into someone from home, that home sickness fads away, and a smile is brought to your face...

So it was back up the hill to wine glass bay look out, amazing, breathless... and I did not come all this way not to walk down onto the beach and put my feet in the water, so off i went down down down the hill....
(you know what that means i have to walk all the way back up)
But the walk was just worth it, the sounds of the waves breaking onto the shores, the birds tweeting and nothing but peacefulness. The water is so crisp, clean and clearest water I have seen in Australia. I took off my shoes rolled up my pants, and I was in hevan, the fresh water crashing onto my feet and for that moment I forgot I was in tasmania...

Then After I had some lunch, put my feet in the water one more time before I had to walk back up the Hill,
but at the end of the day I am sooo glad I finally made it to Wine Glass Bay... 14kms of walking (trekking) smell of ocean air, touch of fresh crisp water makes life so bliss

enjoy the simple things in life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

16.5.11 - Eden John Bennett was born

Well yesterday was a great day,

A lil boy was born around 1.15pm called Eden John Bennett, where bec gave it her might to push out this cute bundle of joy.... Which makes u feel all silly n happy inside.
Even though I was so far away i can not wait till I fly home in 25days to meet this lil one and give everyone a massive hug.

Now I am still sporting this illness called gastro that I want to punch in the face, if it had a face..... and feeling sorry for myself, but only 9more days left in tassie.... then I will be finally making my journey across the tasman along the great ocean road across to Adeliade.... when then means not long till i fly home,

I am soo sooo excited to go home, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, (right) We all take everything for granted until its gone, for us to realise how good we have it. Now Sawtell is a bloody good place. But its the ppl in my life there that make it sooo much more....

We all forget to stop and be greatful for what we have sometimes....

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So what a waste of a weekend I say,

I had planned to go away and trek Wine Glass Bay, but it turned upside down once I got the lovely gastro bug.

Early Friday morning, BANG!!! You know when u wake up and just have a feeling you are going to be sick, Well yup that what happened, started off spewing then move down south... On friday I have to say I have not felt so sick since god knows.... I was all light headed and to walk to the bathroom was more of a effort that I could believe. Saturday morning I thought I could go away but was not sure of how my tummy would be, and the last thing I wanted was a bathroom run in the middle of know where, where no toilets were around... pass.
So I was like Sunday morning I will get up and do a day trip to wine glass bay,

Saturday I had a massage thought it would be nice to just relax my body and went to see Water for Elephants.
I dont think people realise how their body language can make one feel when they go to the movies by themseleves, now going to the movies on your is not a bad thing but it does put u out of your conformt zone.
Which I think all must do once in their life. But honeslty its no difference sitting at home watching dvd's lights are off so who cares really...

After the movies I hit a massive wall. THEN BANG it hit me again, no spewing but the stomach the gastro.. I even run mum at 4am in the morning.... i did know what to do to...

Do u know there are 24/7 nurse hotline... well there is, and told me to get to the doctors now on a sunday after hours $81.00 bucks, NO THANKS... I will take my own drugs concoction and hope for the best... Slept all day......

So Lets hope I can get to port aruthr next wkend and possible wine glass bay as its my last wkend, and Quite frankly I am bloody glad..... which means only 2 weeks till I fly home to see family n friend, which I am need of very much....

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So today I was off on a smll adventure, sporting tonsillitis as well, but nothing like gargling warm salty water to help with the pain,

Anywhoo as I was driving I was dazing about life, as you do, Once I got into Richmond is funny how your memory come flooding back

Now I think and waiting on the girls for confirmation, as when I was last in tassie I was 16 play hockey for NSW, and we had a day off and went to the cadbury factory and on the way home stopped in a smll town, and today when I went to Richmond this was the town, being a 16yr I can understand why it has slipped my mind, as its a town which u would appreciate more a a adult, with the old convict style home, the police station is still located next to the old goal, and the beautiful yellow leaves everywhere,

Very cute town,

Multi Function Oven

Those who told me that it will be freezing in tasie are nearly quite right...

We have had a few fresh nites which I spent one nite in the camp kitchen with some fellow campers that I met whilst doing the dish, and they ask me to come back which I did,

Their names were Robert and Collieen who have been travelling around tassie and from the Gong, and a Mother with her children from South Australia, We spent the night talking about travels and adventures, It was great to speak to ppl other than at work and enoy a mini night out

As Vinny has canvas walls it would mean the cool chilly nights sneak inside.. which totally uninvited, and me who does not want to buy a heater has been living off my hot water bottle and keeping snugg, but my brain started thinking (whoooooo watch out) My lil convetional oven has heat elements which a just like a heater one, so I pulled the lid down pumped up the heat and wola I have heater and OMG  it works like a charm

I come back from the bathroom and Vinny is toasty toasty

Monday, May 2, 2011


WOWEEEEE Telstra, well i have not really been able to blog due to internet, and I tried with just typing n word doc, but just did not have the same feel... u know,

So i have been in Hobart for 2 weeks now, and  Just been crusing along, I have relocated caravan parks, to Barilla, which to on the other side of town, and much much noicer, No stinky ducks and omg the wind is clam and peaceful.

Well Carol my manager at work has hooked me up with another lady who play hockey, so I can do some training so i dont put more weight on and keep up some fitness, So on thursday I went to training and my gosh my ass got sorer as the days went on, Which then turned into a game on Sunday nite.. OMG i dont think i have been so excited.. but in doubt of my fitness.... But so good to get back onto the field and run around, and yes the fitness is not good.well can be better...

But before I got through my Game on Friday I ended up out on the Hobart town with the boys from work... and I must never ever try and keep up, esp when I have not drunk for over 2months.... spewy mcspew spew its starting to make a habbit in each town.. I will not repeat in a while as i waste the next day and miss out on adventures because i am in bed....

Well lets see how the next 3 wkends go as I have port aurther, wine glass bay, and richmond....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lest we forget

Bit chilly this morning, but I was up and went to the DAWN service in Hobart, and Must say there is nothing better than the crisp air as the sun starts to rise listen to the bugle as we remember... Great feeling
Then i went home and had a lil nap as the day was going to be grand, Once I got going I went back to the parade and service then I walked around n around looking for the RSL... and could I find it.. nope!!! nope so after walking about 4km I decided it was time to head back to the car....
I did pop along the way into the Museum and art centre in the city, which is what I would call art and history unlike the Mona... very interesting factors about the Antarctica, So I head back home and Thought Sun is shining still why not have a glass of pop might take the edge off and would chillax...
Nope another reaction to the POP, so i have come to the understand I cannot drink beverages that can make u do funny things, feel funny and think boys are hot when they are not, as my face burned up again and went all red n hot n bothered, so I had to have a tea instead... BORING me
I am only glad I don’t have the public holiday, being in a town where you don’t know anyone on a long wkend is not my ideal wkend. I think also spending alot of time your own can not be good for you, as you think n think n think toooo much for my liking,
Well Whilst I get my people stimulation and do my part for the country Enjoy ur Tuesday off.