vinny and big tez

vinny and big tez
the set up

Monday, January 31, 2011

1st day of work

Thank god for the Tom Tom, i made it to work, but our building looks like shed n storage so freak out that the tom tom did me wrong. How wrong was I.
Very different to Coffs, but in time I will be settled then off again I go. Joined a Gym to make friends...
After a long day at work, came home to Vinny with smoke all through him, and ants running wild, so tonite i will be wiggling n jiggling because of the Ants. 'so dont come knockin if the van is rockin' lol
Day tomz, and starting off with a made gym session, no ants and smoke free

The start of the whole new World

28/1 The day before the adventure begins. The hardest answer to give everyone is how i am feeling.
My home for the next 12months is vinny the van which is enought to have all emtions running wild.
But as one door closes across sawtell, another big one is about to open.
I will enjoy the ride of a life time, the friendships , the country and a journey of self discovery, tonite i bidded farwell to my family and friends, and set sail on the 29/1.
29/1 Today was the start of the 'brown nomands eyes' Yes I cried my eyes out on the way out of the driveway, but soon my road rage took over the tears and I was off.
Arrived safe n sound, All set up , well just about, need to remove the van in the morning as I kinda parked to close to my bathroom door, as you do....... Sunday will be interesting.
30/1 Well i am covered in Grease, dirt n brusises trying to move vinny into the correct spot.
Pouring in sweat I have finally done it, the outside is complete, next will be inside. But 1st off to the shops to buys some platees, bowels, cups so I can eat.
 Old neighbours moved out this morning, 'new grey nomads' in this arvo, let the 'Dinners Begin'