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vinny and big tez
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lake Argyle

Well I was off and I could not pass the opporunity to head to lake argyle. Everyone I had talked to was its a must, even if its just for the pool...

I was like well i better go and check this pool out lol

When I got there it was a happen place... Lil store with fucel,cabins and the caravan parks, and OMG THE POOL..... it was one of those never ending pool just amazing, and it over looked the lake. so instead of 2 nights in katherine I have chosen to spend 2 nights at lake argyle and go on a sunset tour..

3 in the afternoon I was off on my tour with my fellow grey nomands, Now this is one place you must go and visits. I have place it on my lists of australia 7 wonders.. The amount of water, how far stretch it is the Fauna its just a amazaing, with the smoke around the sunset  it was just magical and erry as I dove into the fresh water sourrounded by 35000 freshies.... and not seeing the bottom the feel was bit scary, but I did it. there was this one lady who kept jumping in and then out and in and out.... So i started singing' Never smile at a crocidile, dont be taken in by his welcome grin' ahahahha that really did not make mattes better...

After our swim, the bubbles were pop and we were merry on our way back to camp, Which I went over and had dinner with some fellow nomads... and I have to say they were the most passionate CATS supporters ever... 

The next day saw me set off on a 5 km hike to the homestead, my gosh that was some hotness, 38 degrees @ 9 am in the morning.... whoooo get your water... Once I returned I was in the pool chillaxing before I went in and watch the Cats win the GF for 2012.... and this was a nite that I had another dinner date with Bill and Ally, and gotta say it was my fave dish of all...... Silver side and white sauce with vegies... whooooo yum yum.... Good meal for a early start to hit the road.

Lake arygle was great I caught up with people i started talking to ata free camp wayne and elaine and you just never know when we may cross paths again.......

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