vinny and big tez

vinny and big tez
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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today I set out to cross the boarder to NT....
I have left myself 7 days to drive 2700kms inorder to get to townsville in time for my flight to brisvegas... Push it just a tad,
But none the less I was off to get Katherine and as long as I got there in time for the league GF i didnt care.
So I was off and not long I was across the boarder and I passed a few signs within 100m of each other
1: Max speed limit in NT is 110km/hr
2. Speed limit 130km/hr
3. Speed cameras and red light cameras are used through NT (hello I am in hte middle of bum fuck, i have not seen traffic lights since perth maybe) Our taxes going to unneeed signs...

However all my memories came running back of how much I love the NT... before long i driving parrael with the victoria River ..... its was the most amazing thing, to my right was the dry desert looking place and on the left was this lush green river banks running deep water and the sourrounding were just incredible with the colours.....  It was like this most of my way to Katherine,
When i got to katherine I skimmed a few c.parks now do not stay at the Top tourists as the Admin lady needs to find some bloody manners and  maybe if a smile her sour face, I was sstraight back out the door and down the road all because of her attitude.. but I rocked up to dodgy looking c.park but  1. it only was $15bucks and 2. it was great. Rushed set up so I could get to the Golfy to hav some cidars and watcht the footy....

Wasnt this a experince... Having a few on my own started chatting to some fellas, and one omg was a not the ordinadary bloke... ask me to go see 'his mango orchards' and then say its not like wolfe creek "ALARM BELLS" get the hell away from me, and before that told me' how he would like to be in renner springs when looking blonde girl rocks up............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh run run nowww... lucky I had my other mate Marcas there, he was good chap living his dream worknig for nt gov as sport and rec, travelling around dealing with sport... love it...

Soon after gf was finished I waited and made sure Mango orchard man gone and I went back to the c.park before it was another big day.. RENNER SPRINGS

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