vinny and big tez

vinny and big tez
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Monday, October 10, 2011


Today was a day of Action packed Adventure around Kununara. as I said before the sunrises around 4.30, so I rise when the sun rises and I was up and at it.

I went for a mini hike to the Hidden Valley and the peacefulness and beauty of the colours are just amazing, then I was off to learn about Sandalwood (yuck) gotta say it was the most groses smell then I was off to Ivanhoe crossing not sure of its history there but still pretty cool and this guy caught a Massive barra. then I was like oh better get back its getting late... but it was only bloddy 10.30am in the morning and I have done sooooo much,  POOL had my name on it thats for sure.

Speaking of the caravan park, on my chillaxing day, a lady come up and started chatting, asking if I am ok and what I am doo all that jazz then we got more talking and found out she is a mother of a friend I went to skool with.... (SMLL world) crazy, As everyone convienced me to stay out at Lake Argyle tonite was my last nite in Kun so I went up to Kelly's Knob to watch the sunset.

I  totally can not get enough sunsets and sunrises they just make life feel a whole lot better, and for those who have not been in the outback the red vast ruggeredness and green lushness of the tropical parts is just the most spectaluar breath taking views.... just words can not decribe....

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