vinny and big tez

vinny and big tez
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Friday, October 18, 2013


Well Woofie Chrissy and I were sitting on their back deck, when I spotted a lil baby bird.
we picked up me up and he was oh sooo tiny. Put him in a box and gave him some food.

I was going to keep him, MANGIE MANGO and I were going to be best of buddies and he would talk and repeat what I say. and be life long friends.

Chrissy got him all set up ready for him and I to hit the road, I even had a syringe to feed him. he was the cutest lil guy.

We left Isa,  I didnt  I could drive any slower but I did, because I didn't want to frighten MANGIE MANGO. our first stop together was Julia Creek.
I was sitting out the front of the visitors centre feeding Mangie Mango when are couple came up to me and said 'your that young girl that was in lake arygle traveling on your own' I said yes that is me. it was weird because I didnt actually speak to them. they were intrigued about lil Mangie, I explained how we found him and rescued him. and that was that.

Mangie and I have now became quite good friends and we were headed for Hughendon for the night. So of we went driving just as slowly as ever. when we got to the dinosaurs and checked them out before setting up camp for the night. now we were all set up for a nice night.

Let says I have learnt another lesson in life when it comes to birds. Lets say my track record since I was a teenager was not very good. and Mangie and I were going to change things,

Mangie was tucked up in his bed, with fresh water and blanket, I Put him on the bench to sleep, then I went to  sleep. I woke the next day to find Mangie no longer. The temperature dropped lots that night  and remember how I said my track record was not very good, I placed him on the bench (bench as n stainless still kitchen sink bench) and being a baby bird and cold at night he needed to keep warm. Then we all know what happens. lets say Mangie burial was in the garbage bin and my drive to Townsville was long and lonely, it was back to talking to myself and swearing at ppl who dont wave at me when I go past them.

 Mangie our 48hours together was awesome. just added to the trip.

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